BierBeisl: Size DOES Matter

BierBeisl, voted one of the top 10 new restaurants in LA by Zagat, is looking for a few BIG men and women. Anyone taller than the 6’ 7” Chef Mairinger will enjoy a free meal at this Austrian eatery during the month of July.

Who measures up?

YES      Le Bron James; Penn Jillette; Brad Garrett; Magic Johnson; LaMar Odom, Ru Paul

NO       Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Vince Vaughn, Tom Selleck, Tim Robbins, Jeff Goldblum

A few simple rules apply:

Official measurement (without shoes) done in restaurant.  Note: if you can’t walk thru the front door without ducking, it’s a good chance Chef Mairinger will be paying your bill.

One free meal per person during the month,

Meal is Entrée and Dessert (guest choice); does not include beer or wine


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