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…or actually, hell. Rather than doing a faceplant, I broke a fall on my knee, which is starting to turn purple underneath. That’s not counting the crescent-shape on the kneecap itself. Being of redhair and fair (read: you can see my veins) skin, I know this means at least three weeks of “Oh my god! What happened!” I’m so used to bruises that when I go to the doctor I automatically say, “Dog,” before she even asks, but this may finally push me over the edge into Dermablendville.

Although, I must say, I tried. Saturday I visited Barney’s, Nordstrom, and Saks, to no avail. None carried the line. I work less than five minutes from a Sephora so half of today’s lunch mission was put to the concealer test:

Makeup For Ever’s Full Cover Concealer
Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer
Sephora’s Perfecting Cover Concealer
Clinique Even Better Concealer (no Continuous Coverage in store)
Cover FX Camouflage Concealer

You should see my arm! Of course I already have plenty to work with (a tiny bruise on my inner forearm, thanks, pup) and freckles. I looked like a palette by the time I was done.

Make Up For Ever got the best reviews on Sephora followed by Kat Von D which goes to show – do not go by reviews! Try before you buy. Because, on me, they did not work. Before I even left the store, my bruise began to show through (it’s green now) and the spot on my arm where I tried the Kat Von D looked like something out of The Mummy.

The Clinique would be good as a regular concealer and they weren’t promising more than light/medium coverage, so that’s not really fair. You could still see my freckles underneath and a few veins. The two winners as of now (two hours later after an oceanfront stroll and back at the office) are the Cover FX and Sephora’s own. I am guessing that Cover FX is an answer to Dermablend as it’s made for problem skin, according to their brand info:

If your skin is sensitive or you have a skin condition such as acne, rosacea, or eczema, makeup can often be the enemy (hello, irritation). Cover FX, a comprehensive line of complexion correctors and perfectors, is your friend. From foundations to powders to primers, Cover FX offers comfortable, natural-looking coverage for every skin type—most notably sensitive. And with its extensive shade range, every skintone is covered—literally. The number-one choice for people with sensitive and intolerant skin—and a top pick by leading dermatologists—this gentle, soothing, skin-loving line is the one that won’t let you down.

Photo: Little Miss Makeup/Flickr

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