LA Girl: Amy Loubalu Anastas

Amy is a breath of fresh air. She’s unpretentious, warm, and radiates healthy, joy and energy-not surprising, because she works as an energy healer. Here’s what she has to say on keeping fit, inside and out:

As an energy healer, I am consciously clearing and charging my energy field every day.  Not only does this make me feel good, it keeps me looking young and vibrant too! How lucky am I that my job is a part of my self-care.

Conversely, who wants to see a healer who doesn’t look vibrant?  I have to walk my talk and let my insides and my outsides match. I guess clean and healthy is my overall beauty regime – in body and mind.  When I feel good, I look good.

Staying hydrated is a must for my skin health – both topically and internally and with good fats (olives, raw nuts, avocado, coconut).  My favorite body moisturizer is Organic Unrefined Coconut oil.  Inexpensive, feels good and smells good too.  It’s also fantastic in the bedroom! (Ed. note: Who knew?)

The last two years I’ve been loyal to Pangea Organics for my facial care.  My skin is super healthy and I love knowing that I’m not covering it with poisons and chemicals.  They also smell really good.  Scent is a huge factor for me in beauty products, Pangea isn’t too overwhelming and the oils are all natural, not chemically.

No matter what cleanser I use, it works better when I use it with a baby washcloth.  I get a 10 pack of the thin, pastel cotton ones (any drugstore has them) in the baby care section.  I put the cleanser on the nubby side and let it exfoliate all the dirt and grime.  Then I gently rinse with the smooth side.

Sunscreen is another big one for me.  I’m always trying new ones – the less chemicals the better.  Right now, I like AHAVA: Mineral Suncare Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizing Spray SPF 30 and California Baby SPF 30.

I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup so it’s important to keep my skin fresh, clean and healthy.  Oh, and great brows make a big difference too.  I see Stevi Meister at Kate Somerville, she’s got a huge heart and an eye for the perfect brow.

Add to this a regular yoga practice, fairly consistent meditation, work I am passionate about, and a fantastic husband I can easily say at 38 I am happier, healthier, stronger and far more beautiful than I was at 28 – or even 18 for that matter!
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