Crispy Pork Gang and Grill


It’s 3am, you’re starving and you only have $5. You’re in luck! Crispy Pork Gang and Grill is not only open 24 hours, but they have noodle bowls for as low as $2.99. And that’s not just a few dishes to bait and switch you. There is an entire page of $2.99 noodles.

Not only that, these are some of the best noodles you have ever eaten. The broth has a subtle sweet and sour undertone, the hot is crazy hot, and the boat noodles have a light fermented taste that is either off-putting or totally addicting. Color us addicted.

After my first experience with the boat noodles, I had to check out their other dishes. I tend to judge a Thai pad by its ability to make a good Tom Kah Gai and curry. Their Tom Kah Gai uses straw mushrooms instead of crimini mushrooms, a big plus, and also has that slightly sour element. The curry is so rich, they probably skimmed off the heavy cream from the top of the coconut milk instead of lazily using the whole can. They advertise that they are authentic Thai, not American-style. I believe them.

Among the more interesting selections were the morning glories with crispy pork gang (pork belly) for which they are named — and yes, it’s sorta like chicharrones. The fried morning glories in a salad were tender, and though not flavorful, they are reminiscent of green beans, slightly grassy. The catfish is delicious, deep fried so intensely you can eat the skin and bones.

Welcome back to a time when Thai food was exciting. And guess what? If you’re too drunk to drive, they even deliver 24 hours.

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