Movie Review: Paranorman

The creators of Coraline bring you Paranorman, their newest 3D stop motion animation film. It more than lives up to, and in many ways surpasses, Coraline. Norman is everyboy, a relatable main character who is easy to follow into the land of the supernatural. But the movie is driven by the supporting characters, especially Norman’s overexhuberant and irresistible best friend, Neil. John Goodman as blustery Uncle Prenderghast, Tempestt Bledsoe as take-charge Sheriff Hooper and Alex Borstein as the overly effusive drama teacher, Mrs. Henscher, all lend their voices and incredible comic timing to the mix.

The storyline seems simple at first, a young boy who sees spirits must use his special skills to break an age-old curse. But there are innumerable plot twists and turns that leave the viewer guessing. The storyline is boistered by slapstick comedy, exciting animation and some genuine frights. In spite of knowing better, there are a few times you just may throw your arms up to shield your face from the 3D effects.

Producer Travis Knight states, “I do feel that Paranorman will speak to pretty much everybody who grew up feeling that they didn’t quite fit in. People like Norman who have a special gift are sometimes ostracized, but what may push them to the fringes is what makes them unique and gives their lives real value.” If I had to find the moral of the story I would say that somebody always loves you no matter how freaky you are.


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