Late Summer Caprese Pasta w/The Dude

‘The Dude’ enjoys the benefits of a good summer home garden. Hierloom tomatoes are a big part of that and I would like to share a quick personal recipe with you all.. The ‘Late summer caprese pasta’ is amazing and will put a smile on everyones face, including the chef, because it only takes as long to make as the pasta takes to boil..Easy and deliscious…’The Dude’ abides…
‘Late Summer Caprese Pasta’
8 med. to large Herloom tomatoes
1 lb. organic pasta (I use bowtie.. Al dente, firmness)
1/3-1/2 cup virgin olive oil (to taste)
3 oz. fresh basil. Chopped fine.
3 oz. fresh baby arugala (tear by hand if too big)
4 oz. smoked mozzarella (1/2 a packaged portion from t. joes) sliced in 1/4″ thick by1/2″ long slices.
4 oz. fresh mozzarella in brine…………………………………………     ”        ”                ”             ”    .
seasalt and fresh cracked pepper to taste…(2 tsp.)
Set pasta to boil in salted water.
1/2 slice the tomatoes across the middle and then slice 1/3″ thickness to make ‘medallions’. 1/2 those to make 1/4’s..Easy breezy,
set aside.
Chop the basil about 1/4″,tear up the arugala if it is too large
Drain and rinse your pasta (set aside).
Chop the two cheeses.
W/hot water re-rinse your pasta, drain, and add incorperate all ingredients (solids and liquids) into large mixing bowl and mix well..
You can always customize w/other items (crushed red chili, roasted garlic, etc.).
Please serve this at room temp. immediately after mixing or slightly chilled.
This will blow your mind..Man…And the chef/host has time to hang out with the guests.. ‘The Dude’ abides….


Elise Thompson

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