Supper Club

You’ve heard of breakfast in bed but would you consider the same for your dinner? Well you might after I tell you about the shenanigans going on at the Supper Club. This place is very posh yet still screams for you to take off your shoes and relax your feet.. literally! 
Picture a nut house mixed with fine dining but you could have sworn the nurse forgot to slip you your medicine.  The whole place is white and it’s contrasted by very “interesting” imagery on the walls. While you’re relaxing on a giant white bed, you may get the feeling that you are being brain washed by the weird images being projected. But don’t let this steer you away…this is just minor compared to the whole experience.
First, your hostess, and what a hostess she..umm,! A gorgeous spunky little blond with an Australian accent will wow you with her singing talents along with a giant personality. Men, don’t let “her” fool you. She will flirt, but that 36′ 24′ 36 also comes with an 8 1/2 inch package, if you know what I mean.
As far as the rest of the entertainment goes, I can definitely say welcome to Hollywood, baby! Opera was sung by a women in her nightie. She sauntered around the club stepping around your “bed’ and stealing champagne and shots from peoples tables. It was pretty seductive as she hit a high note straddling some man’s head from behind. Once you got over the shock of opera being so entertaining, more acts followed. 
You had your typical B Boy trio that was of course amazing in their talents and tricks. If you weren’t entertained enough there was a dancer who started on the ground and ended up on a rope hung from the ceiling doing rope dancing in his undies. Yes, the acts put on are a little taste of eclectic and but a big taste of entertainment. 
I was definitely enjoying myself, but being the foodie that I am I would have liked to see just as much attention put into their food. Now again, the food was also presented very much like a show. The kitchen is strategically hidden behind a big projector screen that the DJ is plays in front of. He introduces the kitchen with some awesome music as the screen lifts from behind him revealing where the magic happens. This of course is very exciting and you get to see the chefs in action before your food comes out. All this hype though, for some very lackluster food. Scallops cooked to perfection but seasoned with a side of WTF is that? I don’t know what was going on that night but it seemed to be the garnishes were the star of each plate and unfortunately it didn’t cut it for me.
For our second course we were served pork belly which was too dry and under-seasoned. Again for good reason though. The meat rested on a bed of pickled slaw. The flavors were so over powering for me. eating the meat by itsself had no flavor and eating it with the slaw was just too much.
For our third course, fish…seafood again! The seabass was a bit dry, and I’ll say it again, just not seasoned! It was placed on a bed of some kind of potato soup. It was just all wrong for me, although I give them an A for presentation. Unfortunately whether you are at a press event or just there on a date you can’t discern what you are eating. There are no menus, and just like the acts for the show, they change all the time. They definitely will keep the element of surprise for you. If you are a picky eater don’t worry, They are kind enough to ask you what you wont eat or what you are allergic to. Overall it’s worth going there once. After supper it becomes a club, hence Supper Club.  From rumors, you will find the crowds for the club to be just as posh as the environment. I wouldn’t personally know because we didn’t stay for that.
If you have got a friend visiting from out of town and want to give them the Hollywood experience, skip the Walk of Fame and go to Supper Club. In spite of the mediocre food we were served one night, the cocktails are delicious and the show is definitely worth seeing.
Photos by Elise Thompson (Free Press Event)
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