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Dezi Paige kicks ass. Why? Do you know anyone who scuba dives old pirate wrecks off the British Virgin Islands? If that weren’t enough, LOOK at her. But that’s not even it! Listen to her! But you can’t be jealous of Dezi because she’s all of these things combined. (Editor’s note: sometimes I have to pull these ten things lists out of my girls kicking and screaming. Really! If only all of them were like Dezi. Can I be her for a day?) And oh, Dezi’s dad was the original drummer in Big Brother and the Holding Company, so music is in her genes. She’s not just some gorgeous chick who’s trying this on for kicks. She was writing and singing original songs by six and playing piano by seven. “Tall Tales” is her highly-anticipated debut release.

1. Incense — Mystical, enchanting, relaxing. I love it all, but my favorites are “Dragon’s Blood” and the classic “Nag Champa” from the Satya Sai Baba line.

2. Beats by Dre Monster headphones — I throw these on and get lost in the music! They make everything sound better and have a slick design. I also recorded much of my debut project “Tall Tales” in my bedroom with these!

3. GT’s Organic & Raw Kombucha — I crave these drinks! So many great flavors. Always make me feel better plus a great hangover aid.

4. Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil — My new favorite makeup item. Besides being long-lasting and gorgeous, the colors from this line are food-grade and have an antioxidant ingredient: resveratrol. Nice.

5. Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System — Microderm treatments at the spa bring great results but can be pretty expensive so I was excited to see this new at-home product in stores for 20 bucks. It may not yield the exact same results as similar pro treatments but it still seems very effective.

6. Hot/Cold showers — I have become addicted to ending my showers with a cold blast. It is invigorating and has several health benefits which have been espoused for centuries.

7. Lounging/Walking/running on the beach –I mean….duh! Beloved by humans everywhere for obvious reasons! The shore is magical. It smells like freedom. It brings such a natural high. Whether laying out or working out, it is the place to be.

(Ed note: ME TOO!)

8. Arts and Crafts — I love creating and designing even when it’s not music. I especially love making jewelry and decorating/reconstructing clothes. I think I want to have my own accessory/clothes brand someday.

9. Scuba Diving– I went diving for the first time this year in the British Virgin Islands and it was an incredible–almost spiritual I’d say– experience. We went down to a shipwreck from the late 1800s. It was a party down there. So radical to get a glimpse into the other side of life. I can’t wait to do it again.

10. Shazam — Such an amazing invention. I’ve used it so much, still my favorite app. Still blows my mind. Great for artists, consumers, everyone!

Download “Tall Tales” at  Press/bookings:  Photos courtesy Haeli Fuller-Sinkler and Danielle Sandoval.

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