CA Secretary of State Urged to “Count Every Vote on Prop 37” with New Petition

According to investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, more than one million votes on Prop 37 (the GMO labeling initiative) in California have gone uncounted to date. Since the margin of “victory” is about 600,000 votes, this means that Prop 37 may have passed!

Rappoport called the voter registrar offices in the largest California counties and nearly 1.7 million votes remain uncounted in Santa Clara, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange Counties alone. It is still unknown how many votes are uncounted in other California counties.

Click here to sign the petition: Count Every Vote on Prop 37.

Linda Masterson has created a petition on to California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, which says:

“We petition Debra Bowen, secretary of state of California, to require that ALL votes cast in the November 6 election be counted immediately. We specifically demand that ALL ballots in the following counties be counted and recorded: Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, and Santa Clara. We demand that the results of this complete ballot counting be made public immediately.”

Image courtesy of The Center for Food Safety. Copyright 2012.

Our food is being genetically modified for absolutely no reasons that have anything to do with our personal health.

There are three reasons that food is genetically modified: resistance against insects; resistance against herbicides or to make it “taste better.”

As of this writing, no  research or studies have ever been done with humans to show what genetically modified food actually does to our health, long term or otherwise. Humans have therefore unwittingly become “guinea pigs” in this ongoing experiment of sorts. Furthermore, studies now confirm that genetic engineering to the food can introduce allergens to our food, as well as lower the nutritional value.

According to current statistics from the US Department of Agriculture, corn is second only to soybeans for the most genetically modified crop in the U.S. This is bad news for people who have poor eating habits (such as small children) as they tend to over consume corn, especially as it is present in many processed foods. Processed corn products such as corn syrup, fructose, corn oil, corn meal, corn starch, dextrose, monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum and maltodextrin are widely used and commonly used as sweeteners in everyday products like soft drinks, fruit drinks, cookies, confectionery and tons of other processed foods; precisely the kind of foods small children, teens and young adults love to eat.

Commercially raised cows are fed primarily corn as part of their diet. Depending on which country you live in will determine whether the beef on your plate lived on a diet of genetically modified corn or not. If it did, you are unknowingly/unwillingly allowing genetically modified food to become a part of your diet! This is a primary reason why organic and grass-fed meats are much healthier and more nutritionally dense as opposed to the commercially fed variety.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends. Prop 37 is far too important to let this oversight in the voter count go uncorrected!

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Image courtesy of Farmanac. Copyright 2012.

*UPDATE: Linda Masterson sent this letter for LA Beat readers today, November 14:

“Thank you so much for signing this petition. I have to admit I have learned a great deal since starting it.

ALL VOTES ON PROP 37 WILL BE COUNTED, not because of our petition, but because it is required by law that all votes be counted. The counties have until December 7 to report the vote, and Debra Bowen, Secretary of State, has until December 14 to certify the vote.

The final results WILL BE PUBLISHED, so every vote cast on Prop 37 will be honored. Because of the importance of this issue nationally, I am researching how to have an effective petition at a national level.

Thank you for taking a stand on this important issue.”

Shirley Pena

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