EPA Issues Cleanup Plan For Arizona Power Plants

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Good News! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has honored its obligation to our national parks by issuing a final cleanup plan for three ’70s-era Arizona power plants that will better regulate some of the biggest park polluters in the country. Its requirement for modern, highly effective pollution controls will dramatically benefit skies over 18 national parks and wilderness areas, including the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde.

La Cholla Power Plant is one of three ’70s era plants that has been issued a final cleanup plan that will better regulate some of the biggest park polluters in the country. Photo courtesy of John Fowler/Lumenetic.com. Copyright 2012.

Send a thank you note to the EPA for taking action for clean air in the Southwest’s national parks!

EPA both deserves and needs our thanks. The agency has already experienced significant industry backlash, so it is important for us to support their strong park protections! And if you need a reminder why thanking the EPA is so important, just watch our videoA Sacred Trust.

Someday we’ll hopefully be able to tell our children and grandchildren, “I remember when you could only see half as many stars as this–when on bad days, the air was still hard for some people to breathe.”

Take Action: Thank the EPA for requiring these old plants to have modern controls–ask them to stand tall in protecting our desert air. Tell EPA’s Region 9 Administrator Jared Blumenfeld you are grateful that our children and grandchildren will have healthy, clean air over our parks thanks to their work.

Thank you for taking a moment to acknowledge a job well done. Working together we can and do make a difference for our national parks!



Kevin Dahl
Arizona Program Manager

Shirley Pena

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