New Single from The Ross Sea Party: “Two Things”

The Ross Sea Party are a local band named after one of the ships in Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 Trans-Antarctic Expedition.  Their new album Hotel Pool was released in October and the group is offering their second single “Two Things” as a free download from their bandcamp site starting December 1st. The band also has a video out for their catchy first single “Thunder”.

“Two Things”, like most of the album, has a light loveliness to it that calls to mind The Shins, Eulogies or The Cold War Kids’s Mine Is Yours. Singer Brady Erickson’s flexible, melodic voice and the contrast of understated glockenspiel with a resounding rhythm section gives the band a unique sound.

Also, it’s damn refreshing that these self-described “LA-scene veterans” don’t look like they’re 22:

 Images via The Ross Sea Party’s website & bandcamp

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