Movember participant fighting for a cause

Today is the first day of the rest of your facial hair.  At least for the month of November, I mean Movember.

Have you heard of breast cancer awareness, or autism awareness? Most of us have.  They have pink ribbons and puzzle pieces and walk-a-thons a plenty. How about prostate cancer awareness?  It’s hard for men to talk about this stuff, often they just end up saying things like “Heh heh, you just said “It’s hard”… 🙄

Men tend to avoid talking about things that frightens them.  But here is the truth: about  28,170 men will die this year from prostate cancer.

So,  a while back some cool dudes decided to bring awareness to this problem by growing out their facial hair and then when people would ask “What the heck do you have all that stuff growing on your face for?” they could reply “I am using my facehair as a gateway towards a conversation about men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer .”  Their moustache is their ribbon.

Pretty cool idea, huh?

I’m gonna stop shaving my moustache for the month and I’ve convinced my hubby to do the same. Care to join us?

Check out the Movember website there is information, photo albums, events, things and stuff.


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