Landing of the Urban Rebels Red Carpet

Written by Greg Thompson

The bulbs were poppin’ Thursday 12-13 in the Flight Theater at the Complex in Hollywood.  A dozen members of the press gathered for the red carpet reception opening night of Landing of the Urban Rebels.  They were snapping and interviewing the play’s superlative cast and other local notables.

Guests enjoyed langostino, cheeses and crudités with dip and cheeses all served by Sean’Te and her Enchante’s Catering. TheGoudawas particularly good. She also had amazing popcorn flavored with truffle salt.

Carlton Newsome, the happy hour guru, and his “my happy hour spot” crew were serving Louise d’ Estrée Brut. The French sparkling wine had tiny bubbles that offered frothy tastes of citrus and melon. Guests also enjoyed Hawaiian rum-based Hula Girl Cocktails.  The Mai Tai was a refreshing traditional blend of fruit flavors andMauirum.   The Bikini Bling was a rum, pineapple and coconut cocktail.

One of the photographers, Steve P. gave the event a special touch with his portable lab where he printed and framed photos on the spot.  Not just a cardboard frame either.  At intermission, he had a complimentary framed photo ready for each cast member.

All of this was to celebrate the running of a dozen vignettes called Landing of the Urban Rebels 2012. It consists of a series of monologues and dialogues by a cast of characters based on the writers experiences. The play was written by and stars Kongit Farrell, daughter of retired LA City Councilman Robert (Uncle Bob) Farrell.

Mrs. Farrel grew up shadowing her father throughout the workings of city hall. That and her career as a mental health therapist led her to realize that the (white) bureaucrats had no real understanding of the African Americans under their jurisdiction.  That inspired her to create iEvolve and write plays like ‘Urban Rebels’.

iEvolve is a boutique production company that helps audiences rise above outdated notions through educational entertainment. In fact, it’s SO educational, Continuing Education Units were offered by LA-CAMFT for marriage and family therapists, LPCCS, LCSW’s, and interns who attended the show on the 14th and 16th.

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