Roger Daltrey & Steven Tyler To Appear At Raise Your Voice Benefit This Thursday

DaktreyLead1 (Small)

Roger Daltrey at the Orpheum, 2009. Photo by Bob Lee.

This Thursday at the Beverly Hills Hotel, two of rock’s most enduring singers will pay tribute to the man that’s helping them endure, Dr. Steven Zeitels, with a private dinner and benefit concert for the Voice Health Institute. The Raise Your Voice benefit, which will help to fund research into vocal restorative therapy, will also feature performances by Lionel Ritchie and Christina Perry, as well as a charity auction.

Daltrey and Tyler have both received treatment following potentially career-killing throat ailments, and the difference in Daltrey’s power, range and reliability has been obvious since his surgery a few years ago. The Who’s 2006-07 tour was dotted with cancellations as a result of the singer’s ills, and even when he did make it through the show, the loss of power and clarity was troubling. But he sounded great last year at his re-creation of Tommy with his solo band, and reports from the Who’s current tour featuring Quadrophenia – which hits Anaheim on January 28 and LA on the 30th – have been hugely positive.

Those interested in attending may contact Taylor Pong at 855-864-2312, or via email at, for further information.

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