This Sunday At The Redwood: The LA Beat Presents a Free Show With Mike Watt, Blower and Schitzophonics

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Photo by Elise Thompson for the LA Beat.

Beat readers, mark your calendars for January 27 at the early-ass hour of 4:00 PM, when we present the latest in our series of free Sunday afternoon shows for all ages at the Redwood Bar & Grill in Downtown LA – this one celebrating the beauty of the power trio. Mike Watt and the Missingmen just wound up the final performance of their boss rock opera Hyphenated-Man two months ago at Liquid Kitty; they’re back, but what will they do this time? A full set of Clash covers? (That actually happened, more than once.) A new rock opera written on Christmas, detailing all the stops on Santa’s journey, with Watson on glockenspiel and Raul on sleigh bells? Fusion instrumentals? Hardcore? Anything seems possible and all possibilities are intriguing. Meanwhile, we’re ecstatic to welcome back one of our favorite rock and roll animals, Doug “Didjit” Evans, back to LA with his new band Blower. You-tubed evidence suggests that long-suffering Didjits fans will experience the shock of recognition, even if Evans’  lyrics are perhaps less subtle and smart-assy than those of Rick Sims, and more prone to titles like “Hot Lights, Cold Beer, Big Titties.” But it says a lot that these folks are able to give said title the musical kick in the teeth needed to pull such a thing off. And my friend Bill raved so effectively to me after seeing San Diego’s Schitzophonics in November, I booked them for this show sight unseen. But the tracks on their Reverb Nation page are strong enough to convince me I didn’t go totally off the rails with that decision, they’re a clangy, kinda funky power trio with great promise.

LA Beat Presents at the Redwood Bar & Grill, 316 W. 2nd Street, LA. Sunday, January 27 from 4PM – 7PM. Free admission, all ages welcome.


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