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What a brilliant idea! Who doesn’t love beauty marks? From Marilyn to Ginger Grant to Madonna, they’re that certain something that makes you special (have you seen The Artist?)  When I heard about Hottiedots! I couldn’t wait to try them out because I have always pencilled mine in (yes.)

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I chatted with Hottiedots! creator, Miki Lanese:

Tell me a little bit about Hottiedots! background. I was always into cosmetics as a young woman. Loved all the beauty products and the creativity behind them. I thought someday I will create something too. I talked about it for years and one day at lunch my friend asked me why I hadn’t worked on creating the beauty mark I had talked about. Then she said well what would you call it? And without hesitation I said how about Hottiedots! We both laughed and decided that was a great name. It took a year to assemble a team of people, the actual product and all the work that went with product development.

 What was your inspiration?  I was inspired when I was a young model for many of the local clothing, jewelry and events that I participated in. I used to paint on a beauty mark as I saw them on Marilyn Monroe and other beautiful women as years went on. The problem with painting on a beauty mark, was that they would rub off or smear across my face unless I was very careful. That is when I thought someday…a beauty mark that won’t rub off.
What are they made out of?  Hottiedots! are made of a special laminated paper which goes through a process to create it into a body tattoo. It took several tries to come up with a material that worked!
Anyone in particular you want to name drop? I honestly do not know of any “famous” people who use this product but I have sold so many through the years in the United States as well as Spain, Italy, London, and many other countries of the world….and I often wonder if there is a television or star out there who is using Hottiedots!  
The fun thing about the product is.. you can just put one on and you get that bit of glam that gives you a lift…the added accent near the eyes with smokey eye makeup is dynamite.  I know there are hundred more women who would love to use Hottiedots! I do donations to Charity Events whenever possible too. Hottiedots! are always a hit!
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Lethal retro glam thanks to Hottiedots!
Donna Lethal

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  1. Great idea!

  2. Jacquelyn Rasmussen says:

    What happened to Hottiedots? Can’t find them anywhere, all of Miki’s sites are gone. Where are they????

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