Getting tired of looking like everyone else in spinning class? (Personally, I always wanted wanted of those French electric bikes ala Bardot for when I got lazy. Yes, in class! ) If so, the Ciclotte is for you.  Ciclotte is decidedly different from any other exercise bike or home fitness equipment, because it breaks with the designs of gym equipment that have always emphasized functional aspects, to find a place with inimitable style within the most varied living contexts: home, office, gym, the outdoors. The specs: Ciclotte is an exercise bike with a carbon make-up and unique character: the rider’s posture, the minimalist design in terms of aesthetics and technology, and the appeal of the material quality evoke with the first touch the emotion of a road race, faithfully reproducing its dynamics and performance.  The Ciclotte is decidedly Angeleno-friendly with the Ciclotte Marine model fitted with  humidity and sea salt-resistant components, so you can put it on your deck or in your yard. Ideal for use on yachts, ships, coastal areas and for long exposures in the open air. Perfect!

Ciclotte_Still Life_3-1

Ciclotte derives from Ciclò, monowheel prototype for the urban mobility, now part of the Triennale Design Museum’s permanent collection.



Designer Luca Schieppati is a professor at the European Design Institute (IED Moda Lab) where he teaches courses in graphic art and computer graphics. In 2007, he served as spokesman of the “Muoviti” competition of ideas together with Roberto Giolitto (Fiat 500) and Marco Lambro (Piaggio Mp3).

In December 2007, he took part in the Triennial Design Museum at the Milan Triennial, with the development of the Ciclò project.   His projects have been included in large national and international exhibitions (“The New Italian Design” – Milan/Madrid; “Milan Made in Design” – Peking/Shanghai; “Festival of Creativity” – Florence; DAS Designer after School – Rome).


For more information on the Ciclotte, click here.

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