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wildflowerTurning onto the 5 North from Los Feliz, I am always delighted by the orange swath of poppies. I am grateful to whomever it was that guerrilla gardened the small meadow along the freeway.

Lately I’ve been seeing blogs for seed bombs that save you the trouble of scattering, and can be thrown over fences into vacant lots. I assume the law about littering still applies here, so don’t throw them out the window of a moving car. It’s a little past the rainy season, but you probably have about a month or so left to plant things. Make sure to only use seeds that are native to the area.  You should probably avoid vines, and whatever you do, do not plant morning glories. Their goal is to take over the world and they will choke out all other plant life.

Instructables is always my go-to site for projects, so thank you for the directions, Treesneedtobehugged

crayolaCrayola air dry clay


Seeds native to your area


“For the dried red clay mix 5 parts clay with 1 part compost and 1 part flower seeds, put some careful drops of water into the mixture (make sure not to make it into a goopy sloppy mess!), Knead with hands into a ball, flatten it out and cut to desired size. Now just make into a small ball and let it dry in the sun. Now you have a red clay seed bomb.”

You can find the clay at WalMart, Office Depot, and probably most retail stores. A good source for native seeds is American Meadows. Flower photo by Zoramite via Flickr.


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