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Courtney “Coco” Mault and I were Hollywood Friends and Neighbors! (No-really, that was a podcast that she and Max “Bunny” Sparber did.) She is currently writing a book based on her first 8 months of living “stumbling distance from Musso and Frank” in Hollywood.

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve had anything resembling a regular schedule. When each day’s obligations are slightly different, I’ve found there are some things I like to keep organized amongst the variables. For instance, the night before work or an appointment, I always make sure to select my outfit and, if necessary, pack a lunch or a snack (money-saving measures, you know). And at the end of the day I always clean out my purse. Being organized helps me get a good night’s sleep!


Speaking of a good night’s sleep — it doesn’t always make it into my poor excuse for a beauty routine. Give me a few days off from work and I’ll start staying up all night writing, rearranging my bedroom, or checking out apartments on Craigslist. Another item that doesn’t usually make my routine: drinking enough water. I have purposefully avoided water for hours because the stuff is just such a bore sometimes. My routine does include washing my face every morning and night. Sunscreen is a mainstay as well, and has been every day since high school. Since I can’t keep sunscreen on the tops of my hands for very long, I have recently started to wear a stylish pair of summer leather gloves when I’m out and about. Not only do they block the sun, they feel old-school glam, too!


Since we’re on about the sun: rays are made of photons which originate in the sun’s core. It takes a photon about a million years to reach the sun’s surface. From there, it only takes 8 minutes to travel through space and reach your skin. Amazing.


To help prolong the life of my nail polish and keep it from getting gummy, I keep it in my refrigerator. This seems to actually work. My perfume has a special spot in my fridge, too. Internet rumors suggest this might preserve the perfume; if anything, I just like seeing perfume in the fridge.

As far as brand allegiance to beauty and makeup products, I don’t have many simply because I enjoy trying new products as I need them. Every now and then something like Derma E Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate Wrinkle Treatment Creme lotion or Smith’s Rosebud Salve will wow me enough to keep it in my rotation.


If I have ever come off as a Los Angeles native in any way, my diet would surely kill the illusion and reveal my midwestern roots. I love milk, cheese, and carbs. I really love pasta and bread. Sure, fruits and veggies make their way into many of my meals and snacks, but honestly, I have had breakfast spaghetti on more than one occasion and I don’t care who knows it.

Sometimes, even as an adult, I have to make eating healthy a fun endeavor. As such, on my walks (I walk almost everywhere), I have knocked off fruit from trees along the way. Other times I walk right past the fruit to Mashti Malone’s for their famous rose-flavored ice cream. (You must try it at least once. I promise it doesn’t taste like your grandmother’s soap.) Despite my sometimes unbalanced meals, I do remember to take my daily multi-vitamin. And during those times when everyone has a cold, I dose myself with extra vitamin C.


I believe it’s important to be silly. Know how to crack yourself up. Having fun should be a daily event. For me, sometimes all that means is petting a dog passing by on its walk. Or setting up a little picnic on my bed ala hotel room service. Or taking time to soak in a dangerously hot bath while watching Cheers on Netflix. If you do anything, for the love of God, keep at least one bottle of champagne in your fridge at all times. You’ll be prepared to celebrate big events, sure, but don’t be afraid to celebrate any little old thing either, like finally washing all those damn dishes in the sink. Also, when there’s champagne at the ready, you’re more likely to throw impromptu parties. That’s a scientific fact.


Parties makes me think of red velvet ropes. They are everywhere in Hollywood, literally and figuratively. I’ve found there are as many red velvet ropes up around crappy jobs at Bed, Bath and Beyond (figuratively) as there are around Oscar parties (literally). I say buy your own velvet rope because, well, why not? (Ironically, there isn’t one surrounding the restaurant supply store where everyone else bought theirs.)

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Keep up with Coco at Coco Goes out and Dispatch: Omaha!


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