Wolfmother Invades The Troubadour in Hollywood 7/15/13 & 7/22/13

Sitting in front of my computer several weeks ago, my local music app “Bandisintown” alerted me that Aussie Hard Rock band “Wolfmother” was playing the venerable old and intimate Troubador in Holllywood right down the street from my house.

“Wolfmother” at the Troubadour!!? Having seen them perform one of the most incendiary sets of Rock and Roll I have ever seen back in 2006 I instantly scooped up a ticket for their first of two gigs at the Troub on July 15th and then again on the 22nd for the paltry sum of $15.00 a ticket.

I was totally unaware of any Wolfmother activity since the band swung through Los Angeles in 2006 and tried to do a little research. What I found was……nothing. According to the Wolfmother site the band was defunct and lead singer, and principal writer Andrew Stockdale had struck out on his own and Wolfmother was no more.


Not so fast……

With no explanation Stockdale brought his latest incarnation of “Wolfmother” for two of the most mind blowing shows of 2013. The original version of Wolf was a 3 man band. The current version includes an extra guitar player, which took an already sonic sound and doubled the noise. This was not an ear plugs optional show.

Why Wolfmother never broke hard is beyond me. This was one of the tightest, ass-kicking bands I have ever seen and they are even better in the newest 4-man incarnation. Since the band’s website has not been updated since the band went quiet, I would be guessing at who was on stage with Stockdale. The guitar player reminded me of an early 90’s Mike McCready, the bass player and keyboard player was a reborn hippie from the 60’s and a drummer who just kicked the crap out of the kit.

Stockdale is the Wolf in Wolfmother. He even kinda resembles a Wolfman with his billowing fro and wild beard that hardly gives away his face. He is nothing more than a rock and roll auteur. He pipes and channels early Ozzy Osborne and Robert Plant, and bares some comparison to Jack White vocally. He is a guitar wizard and joyful stage presence. You can tell he just loves his job. He is also the principal writer so it’s fair to say Stockdale is Wolfmother.

The setlist showcased many of the band’s early hits from its self titled first album. The first gig was off the radar so it was a more relaxed crowd with a lot more elbow room. Word then got out and the 2nd show was a packed house of beer and testosterone infused dudes.  I well preferred the younger more sober and civilized crowd at night one.

The band took the stage at 9:30 each night and finished right around 11 but the crowd could have gone on another hour. These shows were a treasure. Shit like this is why we live in Los Angeles. If you missed them you MAY have another shot to see them again in August. They may be back. Wolfmother will be at the Belly Up Tavern in Solano Beach on July 29th for our neighbors to the South.  At the time of writing Stockdale had a series of solo gigs coming up in August which are rumored to be now Wolfmother gigs. Stay tuned.

Wolfmother at the Troubador…………Amazing.


Night 2 Set List and Photos below

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