The Wild Brunch in Malibu

For the 6th year in a row, Award Winning Jewelry Designer, Alberto Parada attends and supports California Wildlife Center by donating a $11,500.00 piece to the organization for a silent auction.


Hundreds of animal lovers gathered in Malibu, CA on Sunday and enjoyed selections from the finest Malibu and Napa wines; gourmet vegetarian cuisine; hundreds of unique shopping with a live and silent auction; including a release of one of their wild animals in rehabilitation. Below is a photo of the piece that was donated by Alberto Parada to the auction in support of the organization. He also donated 20% of all of his sales to the organization from jewelry sales that took place that day. Because of this benefit- a falcon was release back into the wild after rehabilitation.

About The California Wildlife Center– a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native California wildlife. For more information on how you can help please visit

As the Los Angeles area’s premier wildlife medical care and rehabilitation facility, California Wildlife Center strives to ensure that each animal receives the highest level of rescue and medical care for release back to their wild, free-ranging state. Since 1998, CWC has experienced a steady increase in animal patients, caring for more than 32,000 wild animals, many whose injuries were caused by the impacts of their urbanized environments.

A long term goal of the center is to promote protection of wild habitats and the environment through education, training and partnerships with the communities it serves. Many people have questions and misconceptions about how to help wildlife, which can create unintended consequences to the wildlife they admire. Some conflicts with wildlife occur when raccoons empty trash cans, deer raid gardens and birds nest in chimneys.

Coexistence begins with the understanding of how to share our communities with wild animals. In order to do this, we educate individuals about the animals in their environment and provide solutions to existing problems, such as helping a neighborhood discourage a prowling coyote.

When people learn about the hardships animals face each day, they are more willing to take a proactive approach toward protecting the natural environment and the habitats of our wild neighbors. At CWC, we educate communities, and in doing so, we are challenging homeowners, teachers, students and businesses to continue learning about our environment and enriching the lands in which we live and play.


Falcon released into the wild



Best known for his collection of sustainable fine jewelry, self-taught designer Alberto Parada creates unique luxury pieces with his use of reclaimed gold, ethically sourced gems, and conflict-free diamonds. Ideal for the discerning customer who desires a touch of glamour while living an eco-conscious lifestyle, Parada’s pieces are truly one of a kind. Stylish trendsetters who are also sustainably driven are now able to indulge in high-end jewelry without a guilty conscious. Blending diamonds and brilliant semi-precious stones with various tones of 100 percent reclaimed 18K gold, Parada is known for both the high quality of his materials and as his extraordinary craftsmanship. Clients prize his signature, custom-designed heirloom pieces for their timeless yet modern style and their ethically sourced and socially responsible materials. Parada’s high quality, environmentally friendly and socially responsible jewels are loved by Vanessa Williams, Kyle Richards, Jenny McCarthy, and Milla Jovovich, among others. The line retails between $500 – $5,000. For more information, please visit


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