Today! St Sophia’s Greek Fest, a Feast for Both the Eyes and the Tummy

greekThis weekend Saint Sophia’s parish is hosting their annual extravaganza of dancing, music, and feasting. Other events included cooking demonstrations, children’s carnival rides, raffles, theater, church tours and workshops. Once again the Greek Festival will be hosted by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Outside at the festival a variety of vendors offer Greek specialties like tiropites (thin filo filled with a delicate blend of cheeses), Gyros (seasoned beef and lamb combination served on hot pita bread), and Moussaka (Layers of sautéed eggplant with ground beef and cream sauce).

But don’t miss the church hall. Inside the hall they served a set price Greek dinner including dolmathes (Grape leaves stuffed with rice, meat and spices), salad, chicken or lamb. Don’t miss the Pastistio (a Greek version of lasagna, with ground beef, blended cheeses and fluffy light pasta topped with a rich cream sauce). The pastries are astounding. The loukoumathes, a donut coated in honey, served piping hot, is unforgettable.

Then there’s always the Saganaki, the flaming specialty cheese. Cheese on fire. So worth the risk. See you there Sunday!

Elise Thompson

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