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The beautiful and talented Sarah Blaine recently released her debut single, “Dance with the Devil” on iTunes. “Dance with the Devil” is inspired by Napoleon Hill’s novel, “Outwitting the Devil,” which enlightened others on how to “outwit” temptation and create true success in one’s life. Sarah’s catchy melody and thunderous beat inspires listeners to find one’s strength, one’s light, and one’s ability to dance with the devil without taking him home. Here’s Sarah’s ten things on what make her an LA Girl (and she’s a local, too!)

1. If I wasn’t a singer, I’d probably be a chef. I plan on getting to as many Michelin star restaurants in my life as possible.

2. I’m a HUGE Harry Potter nerd. I cried when I turned 11 because I didn’t get my Hogwarts letter.

3. Fitness is very important to me. I’ve always danced, I do yoga, I hike, and I do a lot of weight training. I try to be active at least 6 days a week.

4. My music is inspired by a lot of things – love, relationships, going out, my goals and dreams – but I always try to keep it empowering. If the song has a darker theme I like to inject some light at the end of the tunnel.

5. I was born and raised in LA. I’m a southern California girl to the core.

6. I take my coffee black unless there’s pumpkin spice involved.

7. Despite my comment about the coffee, I’m actually kind of a morning person.

8. I’m a hopeless romantic.

9. I live to travel. I really just want to fill up all the pages of my passport before it expires.

10. Before a performance I always like to take a couple minutes to sit, plant my feet firmly on the ground, and breathe. It’s not so much about nerves as it is to feel my connection to source and to the audience. Really visualize giving the people who came a great show.

11. I never leave the house without mascara. DiorShow mascara, to be specific.

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Follow Sarah on twitter and on Facebook. Credits: Photography: Hala Mufleh; Art/Design: DL Warfield.


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