Album Review: Sky Ferreira’s “Night Time, My Time”

skyferreiraSky Ferreira has blown me away with her new album, Night Time, My Time. The singer/songwriter (who is also a model and actress) released an EP entitled Ghosts last year, which did not make much of an impression when I listened to it. I thought she just had potential and an interesting look.

Her debut full-length however is a thrilling rush of 80s-inspired, grungy pop-rock. Nearly every track could be a hit, with Ferreira’s straight, youthful voice coming across sultry or vulnerable, but always decidedly cool.

The guitar on songs like “Boys”, “Ain’t Your Right” and “Heavy Metal Heart” has a sludgy, almost industrial sound that is a perfect background for jaded lyrics that turn hopeful and back again in an instant. “Boys” has a sly hook in its chorus, that fits the one boy who comes along to change the lyrics about giving up on them altogether. The verses on “Ain’t Your Right” have a staggered, talky rhythm that works well with lines like, “If you consider sleeping over, I’ll consider you”. The chorus dances with little trills of guitar effects and energetic drums.

“You’re Not The One”, the single, is a well-structured, awesome blast of infectious guitar, sleek, breezy verses and an epic chorus. The vocal run in the chorus reminds me a bit of Cindy Lauper, despite being in a lower register than she would’ve sung in the 80s. The guitar riff in the intro and chorus is jangly and danceable, and the song just feels amazing. Ferreira was a bit stiff in her recent performance of the song on David Letterman – actually I thought she looked like she was freezing – but it still sounded great.

“24 Hours” and, especially, “I Blame Myself” are melodic and catchy in a more obvious 80s style, while still being very good songs. The former boasts a highly singable chorus and maintains more of the album’s edginess, which comes back in again strong on the driving “Heavy Metal Heart” and the quirky, repetitive “Kristine”. “I Will” borders on a punk feel, while “Love In Stereo” plays up the melodic again. Over all, Ferreira’s phrasing is unique and makes a simple melody more interesting.

Currently going round and round again in my car, the album is a definite for my best of 2013 list.

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