The International Swingers: A Musical Documentary In 48 Hours with 2 Shows To Make a 2 Sided 45RPM Single

The International Swingers

The International Swingers

It was the surprise show by the Foo Fighters rocked out at Redballs Rock & Pizza in December that got the Rock N’ Roll ball rolling. Now everyone’s eyes are peeled for some action in North Hollywood after that banger of a show! Keeping that in mind Redballs Pizza will be hosting the second show at 8:30pm on Sunday of The International Swinger vinyl 45rpm single release in 48 hours after the The Farmer’s Market gig on Saturday at 7:30pm.

The International Swingers are composed of 4 legendary musicians: Clem Burke, James Stevenson, Gary Twinn and Glen Matlock are better known to many as members of Blondie, Sex Pistols, The Cult and Twenty Flight Rockers. I’ve seen them perform and they bring a lot of energy and Rock N’ Roll passion to their shows. For a detailed account of The International Swingers Los Angeles debut show at Framers Market check out my Extravagant Behavior review of The International Swingers, The International Swingers: Came Out Swinging. The premise of these rounds of performances at The Farmer’s Market on Jan. 18th and Red Balls Pizza on Jan. 19th revolves around the challenge of recording 2 songs for a vinyl 45 single in a 48 hour period. It’s just what like the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Blonde once did. Part of the documentary will be at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 recording studio adding to the energy and the behind the scenes activity to the making of the single. So for a 48 hour period a camera crew from Esquire Network will be documenting the process of creating a 2 sided 45rpm single from scratch to finish just like they did in the old days. The Farmer’s Market all ages show will start at 7pm and the Red Balls Pizza gig will start at 8pm. If you want to get in on the video shoot head to Red Balls on Sunday night.

Expect a lot of fire in their belly’s performances from these guys as they knock classics we all know and new material to blow us away. Expect to see a who who’s of Rock royalty to show and be a part of the fun. It’s open free to the public so you can be there to see a little slice of music history being made as the The International Swingers crank out music magic and hammer out some great Rock N’ Roll!

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