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Aquabats Rally Fans to Save The World by September 1st at 8PM!

The multi EMMY nominated and winning Aquabats have initiated a Kickstarter campaign for their Legion of Righteous Comrades to bring back The Aquabats! Super Show! This is the kind of show the whole family can enjoy. The Aquabats! Super Show! will be … Continue reading

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Live Review: Adam Ant’s ANThems Sizzled at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay

This quote by Moby got my attention the other day. “PS: #adamant was amazing. The last time I saw him was in 1982 when he literally arrived at the venue (a pier in the Hudson River) on a pirate ship. I know … Continue reading

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Glitter Trash and The Dogs at The Redwood Bar 7.13.18

Back in the 60’s, the seeds of punk rock were sprouting in Michigan. A big part of that proto-punk scene was a 3-piece band called The Dogs. Formed in 1969 by guitarist Loren Molinare and Mary Kay, the band played … Continue reading

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Oh Sees, Le Shok, Pow! & Ice Balloons at Zebulon 6.12.18

Last Tuesday, Zebulon Cafe hosted a special benefit show featuring Le Shok, Pow!, Ice Balloons and Oh Sees. It’s always a big treat to see headliners like Oh Sees play in an intimate setting like Zebulon. The line-up was solid, … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Tales of the American with an Exclusive Interview with Girl George

The documentary film, Tales of the American, to put it simply, is an onion. It peels away years of cultural debris, exposing the history of a century-old hotel originally called The Canadian and built for African-Americans by architect Octavius Morgan. Over … Continue reading

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Alice Bag at Cafe Nela

There were a lot of great shows happening last night: X and The Meat Puppets at the Observatory, The Weirdos, Saccharine Trust and The Great Sadness in DTLA, but I knew exactly where I needed to be – at Cafe … Continue reading

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Tommy “Chiffon” Martinez: Punk Blood – Thicker than a Cold Shot

With freshly bleached, close-cropped hair, relaxed in denim overalls and black baby-doll tee cut to reveal a striking Bette Midler tattoo, Tommy Martinez, AKA Tommy Chiffon, sat neatly tucked into the smooth mustard booth of the Hermosillo’s HP Brewery in … Continue reading

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Redd Kross and The Side Eyes at The Echoplex

It was Father’s Day, and I had nothing to do, so I decided to head down to The Echoplex and check out the “Punk is Dad” show featuring The Side Eyes and Redd Kross. When I walked into The Echoplex, … Continue reading

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Penelope Houston’s “Muzzlers” at La Luz de Jesus

From April 7th through the 30th, La Luz de Jesus Gallery presents “Muzzlers (The Accused)” by Avengers frontwoman and solo artist, Penelope Houston. The exhibit is a series of diptych oil paintings of mugshots from the 1920s and ’30s that … Continue reading

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Interview: Dennis Morris Celebrates 40 Years of Punk with “The Bollocks: A Photo Essay of the Sex Pistols”

I had a remarkable opportunity to interview Dennis Morris at The Salon (at Automatic Sweat) a while back. The interview was coupled with large prints of his photographic work that captured the most salient and critical moments in the Punk movement. We sat … Continue reading

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