“Obama Spy Drama”: Certainly Something to Examine–Like a two-hour, Much Less Patriotic Episode of “Get Smart” on Acid and Lust

Awesome-Tastic Program Cover, Photo by Jennifer K. Hugus for the Los Angeles Beat

Awesome-Tastic Program Cover, Photo by Jennifer K. Hugus for the Los Angeles Beat

What if you had an all access pass into the inner workings of President Obama’s everyday life?  And, if so, would you then be inclined to witness all measures–some necessary, some not-so-necessary and some REALLY not so necessary–put in place to maintain America’s so-called “security”?

If yes, then “Obama Spy Drama” written by Nicholas Zill, directed by Caitlin Hart and produced by City in a Swamp Productions www.cityinaswamp.com  may be just your ticket (theatrically)–and passport in the global sense!

The production commences just as you’d expect with President Barack Obama, played by a similarly voiced, capable Matthew Harris, setting regally at his desk betwixt two prominent slides of Abraham Lincoln to his left and George Washington to his right and the ever-so majestic presidential seal hovering above his head.  He sits like this for the entire, fifteen-twenty minute audience parade that is their seat-seeking mission—which they have chosen to accept–and appears to be doing work—real work!  (i.e. studying lines for another play in which he might eventually appear, notes from a recent bar tending class, making etchings in the trades beneath his notebook or doing actual presidential labor!)  Regardless, it is believable; a very apt reenactment from the start, and I can only think we are in for an auspicious beginning but can’t help but wonder in the same breath, if this been a musical centered around George W. Bush, would he simply stare blankly out at the audience, empty desk shinning like a beacon of lethargy for all the world to see…its glossy varnish only to be tarnished by a few stray pretzel crumbs…until he passed out from inhaling one of them and then…well, where’s your musical…?

On lights up, President Obama’s first questioning of the surveillance methods upheld by the NSA involve the (mostly) useless information he obtains regarding leads; such as Angela Merkel’s Wiener Schnitzel recipe and Kim Jong-un’s dental records.  Intrigued only by George Clooney and Cate Blanchett’s love life (and implied video surveillance therein), he is shamed by First Lady Michelle portrayed by the fabulous, no nonsense Areille Widemon Siler. The first lady’s protestations regarding U.S. surveillance rights are quelled only when the president assures her that there are “great videos on Beyonce’s beauty secrets” available solely to those wielding such power.

Photo Courtesy of Kate Hagerty

Photo Courtesy of Kate Hagerty

Obama’s primary fixation, however:  The return of Edward Snowden to American soil.  Enter Carlos Peligro (just go ahead and have that translated on google while you’re at it), played by the goofy Guillermon Lozano:  New Director of plans for the CIA and an expert in the science of love—yes LOVE…the only thing that might lure the allegedly loveless Snowden back to the good ol’ U.S. of A. Said maneuver’s code name:  “Operation Snowjob”!

Photo Courtesy of Kate Hagerty

Photo Courtesy of Kate Hagerty

From here on out the story gets wild—I mean REALLY crazy!  Watch as Peligro introduces an ever-so-curvaceous and intoxicating CIA asset, Dania Suarez, played by the charming Beth Triffon, (yes I said CHARMING even though she is allegedly a woman of ill-repute) then tries to test her allure on vice president Biden, only to have it backfire and bite Obama in the butt!

Inhale (then exhale)—in other words; breathe–as Dania stands very close…closer still, and closer then, to an initially reluctant Snowden played by a sincere, likeable and immensely talented Daniel Amerman.

Listen as we watch Obama back home, completely unawares, giving presidential speeches and doing otherwise Obamaey things;   “I promised you hope and change.  I’ve changed the Obamacare website.  I hope it works out for you.”

Swoon…yes swoon as Vladimir Putin, played by a strapping, hilarious, immensely gifted and exacting-accented Christopher Robert Smith, falls helplessly in love with Snowden—yes Snowden!

Groove as Putin serenades Snowden and the audience alike—in order to move the story along and sorta… *catapult the propaganda*:  “He’s not a hunk, he’s just a nerd.  He hasn’t got a muscle.  So what is it about him that makes me want to tussle? …I can’t believe what it is I’m confessing.  There is no way I could possibly be gay, so why do I feel like cross dressing…?”

Delight as Putin and Snowden then do some very intense and strenuous—Russian Cossack dancing (you thought I was gonna say something else didn’t you?)

Photo Courtesy of Kate Hagerty

Photo Courtesy of Kate Hagerty

Cringe(?) as Obama prepares to arm wrestle Putin under the condition that, if not the victor, he will relinquish Alaska along with Sarah Palin—or better yet and on second thought…Texas!

Blush as Obama’s Soviet doppelgangerous decoy, played by the aptly enticing and equally Obama-voiced Max Lawrence, enters Michelle’s cushy, TV laden lair.  Then blush AND flush when, as they prepare for a moment of intimacy, the lights dim and some funkadellic wah wah music begins wailing from the speakers above (bow chikka bow bow) visually accompanied by cinematic images on the stage’s centrally located screen of a cock (read rooster), a rocket in launch, Champagne being uncorked and a  hefty, sassy fat black cat being petted!!!  (Bow chikka bow bow!)

Finally delight in the face-off betwixt the two would-be first lady seducers as Michelle utters, upon the REAL president’s return, “This man claims to be you.  Do you claim to be him?”

~ Dunh Dunh Dunnnh ~

Photo Courtesy of Kate Hagerty

Photo Courtesy of Kate Hagerty

Can Obama lure Snowden back to the U.S. and, if so, what is this whistle-blower’s penance?  Will Putin follow in the name of love or in the name of their would be new dance troupe—or in the name of possible and continued co-whistle-blowing—literally or metaphorically speaking?

Which Obama will Michelle ultimately choose and why?  And, most importantly, will the Obamacare website ever fall into the right hands and get fixed…or further demolished?

For answers to these and all other pressing questions, please reserve your tickets at:

www.acmecomedy.com or simply call (626) 274-1745

“Obama Spy Drama” runs through March 30th at Acme Comedy Hollywood, 135 N. La Brea Ave., Hollywood, CA 90036 Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 3 pm.

Jennifer K. Hugus

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