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Jennifer K. Hugus was born at a very young age. At an even earlier age, she just knew she would one day write for the LA Beat! Having grown up in Massachusetts, France, and Denmark, she is a noted fan of Asian Cuisine. She studied ballet at the Royal Danish Ballet Theatre and acting at U.S.C. in their prestigious BFA drama program. She also makes her own jewelry out of paints and canvas when she isn’t working on writing absurdist plays and comparatively mainstream screenplays. Jennifer would like to be a KID when she grows up!

Actor/Co-Creator/Producer Kevin Spirtas Unveils Season 2 of Ground Breaking Prime Video LGBTQ Series “After Forever” at Los Angeles LGBTQ’s Renberg Theatre to Critical Acclaim!

It was a night of both terrestrial and otherworldly, fetching fifty-something fanfare at the Los Angeles LGBTQ Center’s Renberg Theatre as Actor/producer/co-creator Kevin Spirtas was on hand to proudly unveil the second season of his and writer/co-creator Michael Slade’s Emmy … Continue reading

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Beverly Hills’ Theatre 40, in Association with The City of Beverly Hills, does it again with Another Rousing Room-to-Room Rendition of “The Manor!”

An ostensibly joyous wedding party opening in Medias Res; circa 1920s America; the declaration of a 47,000 Square foot Beverly Hills Mansion boasting 55 rooms bestowed to the newly merry married couple; A grand piano laden with wedding gifts from … Continue reading

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‘Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’ Proclaims ‘Sid and Marty Krofft’ to Receive 2,687th Star on the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame!’

On the morning of Thursday, February 13, 2020, Hollywood Blvd. is going to get a whole lot more colorful and kid-friendly as the creators of one of the most unique and innovative children’s television shows will be honored with their … Continue reading

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“Knot Done Yet!” The Hollywood Museum Celebrates 40 Years of “Knots Landing” by Unveiling Original Series Costumes in Lobby

On the second weekend of January 2020, it was difficult to distinguish the second decade of the 21st century from the third-to-last decade of that of the 19th (i.e. the latter half of the 1970s) as Joan Van Ark, Michele … Continue reading

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The Hollywood Museum Hosts 7th Annual Celebrity Christmas Celebration & Gift-a-Thon for Dolores Mission School Students Featuring Special Guest Speakers Jerry Mathers, and Jeremy Miller

Just a half a fortnight (minus a day) from Christmas, the Hollywood Museum invited roughly 200 students from L.A.’s Dolores Mission School for an morning/afternoon of inspiration, exploration, and gustatory celebration! Commencing with cookies and a slew of rousing speeches, … Continue reading

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First – One Score and Ten to-the-Fourth-pending-the-Fifth — Annual “Back to the Future” Trilogy Exhibit Unveiled at The Hollywood Museum!

On the night of December 5th  — 34 years following just as many 365 day revolutions around the sun, the trilogy that transported us future-forward by way of Flux Capacitor encrusted DeLorean finally had its day amongst the stars!!! Yes, … Continue reading

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Rip Taylor’s Life Honored in most Heartfelt and Humorous Fashion at El Portal Theatre Preceding Thanksgiving

It was a confetti-filled cavalcade of celebrities, cake, and comedy the Sunday before Thanksgiving, as comedians and classic sitcom stars the valley over descended upon the El Portal Theatre’s Debbbie Reynold’s stage to honor the man most aptly embodying all … Continue reading

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Obama Whitehouse Photographer Anna Wilding Launches Pictorial Coffee Table Book “Celebrate Hope: The Obama Collection”, just in Time for the Holiday Season!

Now, just in time for the Holiday Season, give the gift of much needed (non-orange) nostalgia with an art exhibit and coffee table book all in one in the form of Director, Actress, Writer, Comedienne, and Photographer Anna Wilding’s Celebrate … Continue reading

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Hollywood Museum’s Barbara Eden Birthday Bash Bestows us All a Look at Authentic Jeannie Bottle and Costume all in One!!!

On an otherwise humdrum Hollywood evening, plagued by customary traffic congestion, smog, hot dog street commerce, hot dog noshing, accompanied by fictional furry or comely characters competing for a donation or two, the lobby of the Hollywood Museum was jam … Continue reading

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Riveting ‘The Max Factor’ Documentary Makes its Debut at The Hollywood Museum: The Self Same Building in Which the Make-Up Empire Arose

Just as the sheen of the summer of 2019 was beginning to need one more touch up before its final close-up, throngs of actors, musicians, producers, and showbiz folk alike wheeled their previously pale faces into the old Max Factor … Continue reading

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