Arbonne: Green, Clean and Beautiful

A friend with gorgeous, glowing skin let me in on her secret: Arbonne. How did I not know of this? I know every line! That’s because Arbonne is only sold through reps. A-ha. So I needed to get some of this fabulous, cruelty-free, all-natural Swiss line.  (Backstory: Arbonne’s skin care products, based on botanical principles, became a reality in the United States in 1980 and are now shared throughout the world through Arbonne’s network of Independent Consultants)  And I so did: lots of it! Joy Jacob arrived with a large bag of samples for me to try, so I put my friend to work as well over a very long and fun weekend. This stuff is just glorious. We had a mini-spa weekend in our Hollywood digs.


I asked Jessica to jot down her own reviews: “The Cellular Renewal Masque felt wonderful on! It was very soothing & cool – my skin felt very refreshed.

RE9 Regenerating Toner: I love the smell of this! actually feels like its doing something? as I have no idea what a toner does… feels nice going on!

RE9 Smoothing Facial Cleanser: I felt like this made my skin a bit too clean, almost a lil dry? did you use this one? But definitely made me feel squeaky!

Energy Fizz Sticks: Definitely gave me energy!! These things usually don’t work on me. (Me: Me too! I have one left here at my desk that I’m saving for that end-of-week crash.)

Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream: This cream smelled & felt really nice & like hotel bath products… actually reminded me of Bulgari Vert (which I love). Made my hands feel smooth & mine are very dry! And the scent lasted a long time.

Night Repair Cream: I loved the thickness & texture. Felt thick & nourishing, not greasy, almost luxurious.  When I woke up I felt like my skin looked hydrated and pumped up. I used this product all on its own & would probably buy as I am always looking for good night cream!

Me: The RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser was smooth, took off all of my makeup, and rinsed well. It smelled great w/out being overpowering.

Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum: I’m a serum junkie. I wanted to slather this stuff on from head to toe. I loved the texture, the way it smelled, and the fact that it sunk in and hydrated with the true test: the next morning I had that glow. I put the Intelligence Rejuvenating Creme on top of it (I have very dry, sensitive skin) and my skin looked fresh and gorgeous.

During the day I wore the Nurturing Day Lotion SPF 20 (I wear SPF year-round) and this was A+. On Day 2, I put a the serum underneath it, lotion over and a little makeup on top and it all blended smoothly.

The standout product, along w/the serum, was the Re9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask. I would have used this every night if I could! This is one of those wonder products that you read about and don’t believe, but it’s true. You can see it.


I like those little taffy-candies (Jess thought they were candy and ate them, wondering why she had energy and wasn’t hungry — and then found out they were –. ) So I have two of them and can attest to their pleasant taste (really) and, yes, appetite-suppressant abilities. Yum.

You can start your Arbonne journey here – join to to be a preferred client to get 20% off.

Donna Lethal

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7 Responses to Arbonne: Green, Clean and Beautiful

  1. cindy e says:

    I agree I LOVE Arbonne as well as it’s messaging to take care of our bodies, planet and our furry creatures!

  2. Laura Fox says:

    Arbonne is the best! My skin has never looked this good.

  3. Anna says:

    Are your products organic? And do they have GMOs? Where in Switzerland are they made?

    • suzi israel says:

      And NO GMOs!!

    • Mary says:

      They are Botanically based/infused with science – and we screen for all GMOs (so there are none) They are Swiss formulated but made here in the U.S.A. Our founder Peter Moirck brought the products to the U.S in 1980. Our products really are amazing -and something for everyone!!

  4. Joy says:

    Hi Anna. No GMOs. They are formulated in Switzerland (Arbonne’s chief chemist works out of Arbonne’s labs in Switzerland) and made here in the United States.

  5. Joy says:

    Anna, sorry, the products are pure, safe, vegan, gluten-free, no animal byproducts, no animal testing, no mineral oils.

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