Cheyenne Jackson: Music of the Mad Men Era to Time Travel Forward to OURS!!!

Photo Courtesy of Karl Simone

Photo Courtesy of Karl Simone

Cheyenne Jackson:  Singer, Actor, Principal of runaway shows like GLEE and “Thirty Rock” and all around song and dance man; anyone alive during the first decade of the 2000s has heard of him.  If not, they are living under a rock and must be rolled out into the light to catch the rising, shining star that is Cheyenne Jackson.  I interviewed him online in my first virtual email chat in preparation for his upcoming concert this Saturday at the Walt Disney Concert Hall:  “Cheyenne Jackson: Music of the Mad Men Era”.  Special guests will include Jane Lynch and Rebecca Romijn.

“Cheyenne Jackson, ‘Music of the Mad Men Era’”: Aside from the television program’s astoundingly widespread popularity, why was this theme a choice for you personally?

Simply because I love the music from this era:  Cool, specific, sexy, and vocally…my voice naturally lives there. I’ve often been told I was born in the wrong era, so this was an obvious fit.

You’ve got a pretty amazing group of singers appearing with you for this concert.  How did you select them?  I’m assuming you’ve worked with some of them before, Jane Lynch in particular.

I always like to have a guest or two come play with me and usually some estrogen is a nice change of pace for the audience. Yes, Jane Lynch and I became friends on the set of GLEE, and Rebecca I know from when I did a pilot with her hubby Jerry (O’Connell) last year.  Apparently it is a prerequisite to be a 6 foot tall blonde to be my guests this year.

I’m always interested in stories regarding how people got started.  So, what was it for you? What was that first moment when you knew…just knew you had to be a performer? (I read somewhere that you worked in advertising but did not choose to pursue acting until 2001!)

When I saw the movie of ANNIE when I was a kid and could sing every note and recite every line of dialogue, I was determined to be the first boy to play the role of ANNIE. I suppose that was the moment.

Will you be doing any more concerts of this ilk and if so, where? Additionally, what are some of your upcoming projects?

Yes, I have a new show being currently developed called HELLO GORGEOUS! CHEYENNE JACKSON GOES TO THE MOVIES… I’ll be doing it with the San Francisco symphony on July 24th and July 25th. Come on up!!!

What’s one, or more than one, of things you haven’t yet done as a performer, including roles not-yet-played, that you would one day like to?

I’d like to write and produce an original musical. My wheels are turning already.

What is one of your favorite live performances you’ve ever given and/or favorite live shows you’ve ever done?

Singing for President Obama and President Clinton in one sitting is gonna be pretty hard to top….so ill go with that.

I’m a sucker for theatre/show business anecdotes. Any stand outs you’d like to share with the LA Beat audience?

Elaine Stritch came backstage to my dressing room after Damn Yankees in NYC and barked “You’re terrific!” then proceeded to pull down her tights and give herself an insulin shot right there on the spot. I had never met her.

Cheyenne Jackson:  Music of the Mad Men Era will be performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall this Saturday April 26th at 8 pm.

For tickets and more information please visit:

Or call:  (323) 850-2000


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