Dog Haus Opening in Canoga Park Kicks Off National Hot Dog Month

Dog Haus Front Counter

The Valley is known for stalwart hot dog joints such as Fab’s and Cupid’s.  However, we were fortunate to discover a brand new gourmet purveyor of meat in a bun when attending the official opening day and ribbon cutting ceremony at Dog Haus Canoga Park.

According to the folks doing the PR for Dog Haus, this is “the new top dog in the Valley,” and their self-assessment stands.  Originally only located in the Pasadena area, the gourmet hot dogs, sausages, and burgers served up are specifically made to exacting and insanely delicious standards.

The signature hot dogs here are skinless and all beef, with a rich flavor and almost creamy texture. With its specially formulated flavor, and menu items like the Sooo Cali (with wild arugula, spicy basil aoili, crispy onions, avocado, and tomato), and the Downtown Dog (a solid take on the classic L.A. bacon-wrapped street dog), you know that you’ll be getting a local take on a classic. Don’t expect a Jersey-style dog, but do expect to be pleasantly surprised. 

Their gourmet sausages are also glorious. We intrepidly tried a menu item created just for this location for now: The Pig and the Fig (emmentaler stuffed sausage, fig & onion relish, wild arugula, whole grain mustard, sliced almonds). There is definitely a LOT going on with this little piggy, and while delicious, it’s not for the faint of heart, with its serious combination of flavors. According to Dog Haus’ Culinary Director, Michael Brown, he wanted to create a charcuterie plate in a bun. He certainly succeeds. Other entries in the gourmet sausage category show a nod to Southern California culture, such as the Thai inspired Another Night in Bangkok (spicy that red currywurst, peanut sauce, asian slaw, crushed peanuts), and an Asian/Cajun mash-up, Kung Pao Cajun (canjun andouille, kung pao sauce, bell peppers, green onions, water chestnuts, peanuts).

The burger menu doesn’t disappoint either, with items ranging from the solid The Hangover (smoked bacon, haus chili, white american cheese, fried egg, mayo) to the sassy Motley Bleu (bleu cheese, wild arugula, garlic aoili, pickled red onions). With sides like perfectly done tater tots and fresh cut fries to round out your order, and friendly staff, a visit to the Dog Haus leaves one feeling truly satisfied.

This location, alas, does not serve beer or wine yet, but promises to deliver a rotating selection soon.

Case of CasingsSooo Cali & TotsThe Pig and the Fig

The Dog Haus Canoga Park is located at 6501 Topanga Blvd.

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