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Tonga Hut: Tiki Culture Thrives in So Cal

At first sight through the street side door is a resident sculptured Tiki, looming like a doorman or an Easter Island god. Martin Denny’s seductive mix of exotic bird calls, tropical percussion and piano combine with the soft trickle from … Continue reading

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Brent’s Deli: If Your Mom Could Actually Cook

Truly, any restaurant can and should be judged on whether a dish could be made just as well at home. When we recently popped into San Fernando Valley’s stalwart Jewish deli, Brent’s, during a local fundraiser, we were prepared to … Continue reading

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Offbeat L.A.: Like Totally Rad- The San Fernando Valley Relics Museum in Chatsworth

“On Ventura, there she goes She just bought some bitchin’ clothes Tosses her head and flips her hair… Valley Girl, She’s a Valley Girl”- (1982) Frank Zappa The San Fernando Valley, or just the Valley for short, really came into … Continue reading

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Dog Haus Opening in Canoga Park Kicks Off National Hot Dog Month

The Valley is known for stalwart hot dog joints such as Fab’s and Cupid’s. ¬†However,¬†we were fortunate to discover a brand new gourmet purveyor of meat in a bun when attending the official opening day and ribbon cutting ceremony at … Continue reading

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