Gallerie Sparta: Rock n Roll Visual Art on the Sunset Strip!

Gallerie Sparta Art (Image courtesy of Gallerie Sparta)

Slightly east of the heart of the rock n roll strip in the area known as Sunset Plaza is a fabulous new art gallery called Gallerie Sparta. Walking in, the soaring ceilings and white walls harken to the high-end galleries of New York or London, but the friendly yet passionate curators/owners Lee and Stephan will put even the casual art fan at ease.

This is the art gallery the Los Angeles art scene has needed – a mix of artistic knowledge and passionate exploration similar to the city herself. Lee Bowers and Stephan Sparta are willing to push the envelope with new, emerging yet highly talented artists whose work will be sought after once the mainstream art collectors “discover” it. Just like the sunset strip music scene, Gallerie Sparta is a head of the curve.

An excellent example is the artist most recently gracing the walls, Danny Minnick. It was Danny’s work that drew me into Gallerie Sparta, an eruption of color and detail that grabs the view like the opening chord of a Marshall amp set on 10. His work is reminiscent of Nina Hagan on canvas, extreme yet subtly detailed, loud yet tender and refined. Really an experience that escapes words and must be seen, wondered at, absorbed.

Mr. Minnick was a professional skateboarder and hails from the land of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, I don’t know what they put in the water in the Pacific Northwest but the area seems to produce visionary artists who can transform their passion into the medium they use and convey their messages uniquely to the public.

Danny’s work has been reviewed on Sean Comb’s TV and LA Canvas Magazine, but words don’t do it justice. This sonic feast for the eyes must be experienced.

The group show “Balance” will be opening tonight. Galleria Sparta is located at 8623 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046.

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