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Gallerie Sparta: Rock n Roll Visual Art on the Sunset Strip!

Slightly east of the heart of the rock n roll strip in the area known as Sunset Plaza is a fabulous new art gallery called Gallerie Sparta. Walking in, the soaring ceilings and white walls harken to the high-end galleries … Continue reading

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Why I support marriage equality when I don’t really believe in marriage.

I never wanted to walk down the aisle in a white dress. I never fantasized about what my wedding would look like or where my honeymoon would be. Perhaps I wasn’t a “normal” teenaged girl, or maybe because I am … Continue reading

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Valentines Day Resolution 2012

People in this country really like to torture themselves. They hype up random calendar dates into major events with outlandish expectations that no one can actually afford and then are massively disappointed and depressed when events don’t turn out like … Continue reading

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Whitney Houston, Rest in Peace

I was truly saddened to hear of the death of Whitney Houston last night. Not because I consider myself a fan, I wasn’t, but because yet another gifted artist was unable to slay her dragons. Whitney had an amazing voice … Continue reading

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Prop 8 Overruled by the US 9th Circuit Court – Now What Does it Mean?

YEAH!! Score one for the liberal/progressive/gay rainbow flag/punk rock/queer/I am not narrow-minded crowd(s). This decision means that prop H8 as it became known in many left circles will no longer be law in the State of California. Yes, let’s celebrate. … Continue reading

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