The Meat District Co: This ain’t the Outback, Mate


The Australians are invading! First Garlo’s Aussie Pie Shop opened up in Westwood, and now Meat District Co. is bringing giant hunks of beef to Old Town Pasadena. Platinum Restaurant Group, which has already colonized Australia with North African and Moroccan cuisine, woodfire pizzas and “modern Australian” restaurants, is poised to conquer LA.

They definitely have the weaponry, as their signature dish is a “meat hook,” a kabob skewer hanging perilously from a metal contraption. Armed with a giant steak knife, you remove the meat from the skewer as it swings like a pendulum. Or the server will happily help, which is even scarier. For those who like theatrical food, you are going to have the time of your life, as you can take countless amusing photos bobbing for meat from the swinging skewer. You also get to say, “Now ‘at’s a knoife” if you like making outdated film references.

When you finally triumph over the hanging beef, you are rewarded with hearty, succulent New York Ribeye with a slight char. The beef, which is sourced from Niman Ranch, has no antibiotics, hormones or steroids, and is aged for a month. The “American Old Faithful Burger” and Flinstone’s sized rack of pork ribs will also satisfy any appetite. Sides include crispy thin fries and the best side salad I have ever eaten. For starters, may we recommend the Tuna Tataki, seared with a sesame-wasabi crust and garnished with a dollop of aioli. The tuna is sushi grade, and served at the perfect temperature.

I have not even gotten to the best part. What’s the best part? Two words: Nutella Shake. Yes. They also have other flavors, like Oreo and Key Lime, plus all manner of floats – not just root beer floats. The restaurant is introducing a new animal called “The Fix, Sip & Spoon,” which is a hybrid of milkshake and custard layered like a black & tan. The creme caramel made everyone at the table swoon. It struck me as a very British dessert. All I know is the next time I have PMS, I’m going to race to Meat District Co. for a bloody 12-ounce steak and a Nutella milkshake spiked with a shot of vodka.

All food and drink was hosted

Elise Thompson

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