“The Hit”: Knockout Performance this Weekend at Theatre West’s West Fest!

Photo of Rebecca Lane Courtesy of Manny Lezebnik, Photo of Kerr Lordygan, Courtesy of Michale Douglass

Photo of Rebecca Lane Courtesy of Manny Lezebnik, Photo of Kerr Lordygan, Courtesy of Michael Douglass

Picture it:  The dead of night, a knock on the door and a stranger (or “some douche” as the opposite actor has come to term him) imploring another stranger to commit an illegal act via a self-proclaimed legitimate profession in which the behind-the-door knockee used to engage.  So begins the originally penned, The Hit by Kerr Lordygan running this weekend as part of Theatre West’s WestFest Play Festival.

Our former hit man Stanley simply wants to go straight and has dreams of opening up his own retail chain involving any and all entertainment-based electronics:  “Stanley’s House of Innovative Technology”.  He has been warned however that is it is a “dirty acronym…whatever THAT means.”  Legitimate (albeit inappropriately namesaked) life goals notwithstanding, our knocking protagonist has other uh…suggestions for ol’ Stanley and an unlikely camaraderie seemingly begins to take hold as our protagonist pleads his case.   Upon unveiling the photo of the subject he wants “offed” however the entire plot folds back in on itself in the most deliciously and mind-boggling of theatrically Esheresque fashions in an arresting, if not bewildering Knock, Knock Joke to beat all Knock, Knock Jokes!

The Hit, starring Rebecca Lane, Joe Nassi, and Yancey Dunham, runs with weekend at Theatre West, 3333 Cahuenga Blvd. West, Los Angeles CA. 90068, Friday December 5th at 8 pm, Saturday December 6th at 8 pm and Sunday December 7th at 2 pm.  A free final dress rehearsal will be performed at 8 pm on Thursday December 4th.

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(323) 851-4839

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