Coachella 2015 – AC/DC – Steely Dan Setlist Revealed!

Michael Fortuna / Daily SunWalter Becker, left, and Donald FageIt’s the talk of the nation – two seventies icons are sharing a stage at the world’s most cutting-edge music festival. However, the LA Beat is now prepared to reveal stunning news: the two groups are not going to appear consecutively, but contemporaneously – yes, AC/DC and Steely Dan are going to be onstage together, at the same time, singing into the same microphones. We attended early rehearsals at an undisclosed location in Burbank this weekend, and our minds were thoroughly blown.

The unlikely collaboration began online, as most things do nowadays, when Dan frontman Donald Fagen and AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young discovered they were members of the same Facebook Scrabble team. The two began chatting about music relentlessly, and realized the Dan’s cynical worldview would meld perfectly with the infamous studio perfectionism of the Australian hard rockers. More shared sensibilities were discovered when the two began work this weekend, as they began looking over each others’ repertoires with an eye for common themes. And they found more than they expected. While this team will surely evolve over the next three months, we already predict this meeting of the minds will be 2015’s most talked-about rock and roll story.

Below is the complete list of songs we heard practiced this weekend.

Whole Lotta Josie

Dirty Work Done Dirt Cheap

Your Big Balls II

Shake A Peg

Wu Made Wu

Any Big Balls (That I’m Welcome To)

Bad Sneaker Boogie

Beatin’ Around The Bodhissatva

Any Major Dude, We Salute You

Reelin’ In The Big Balls

Never Gonna Put My Love Into You Without The Fez On

My Old Balls


Thanks to John San Juan, Kath, CG Boyd and Phenomenal Cat for additional reporting.


This article is satire. Please do not believe this article.

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