Live Review: The Dramedy at The Vaucluse Lounge


The Dramedy are a local rock n’ roll duo that sprang from the solo act of singer/songwriter and guitarist Dave Davids. Last Saturday night’s show presented the addition of fellow singer/songwriter and guitarist Melissa Bobbitt (formerly of Pistachio Novella). The newer songs co-written with Bobbitt, “How Did It All Go Wrong?” and “Kiss The Sky (A Vampire Love Song)”, prove the expansion is a positive one, fleshing out Davids’s already solid collection of catchy songs, banged out on acoustic guitar and with gritty vocals.

Davids and Bobbitt traded off playing acoustic rhythm and lead – occasionally playing in unison – and Davids carried the vocals for most of the set, letting Bobbitt take over on one of his older tunes, the dramatic “Little Lies”. Bobbitt also switched to tambourine for the infectious “Dead Cool” and an encore song, “Ring For Two”. As a duo, they sparkled with energy and chemistry onstage, and shared a few stories about writing together, including how “Kiss The Sky” was partially written in a bar (perhaps a vampire one?).

thedramedy_daveThe set included my favorites of Davids’s songs, “Not The Only One” and “Lazy Eye Stare”, both of which tend to bounce around in your head for a day or two after listening. His songs combine a straightforward rock n’ roll feel with a melodic ‘60s touch here and there, such as on “Lazy Eye Stare”. This is echoed in The Dramedy bio: “Though he loves the bite of Sunset Strip rock, Dave also is inspired by the emotive performances of female artists throughout the decades,” including ’60s Ye-Ye pop. Several songs are available on The Dramedy’s Soundcloud and YouTube.

You can check out the duo at The Viper Room this Wednesday! Here’s some live footage from the Vaucluse Lounge.

Top photo by Marcus Floyd, bottom by Craig Gallery

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