New Moon: Wheel of Fortune

Orion is bright in the sky this month – the best time of year to see our Hunter friend – especially in the early evening (that’s Betelgeuse sitting on his left shoulder, with blue star Bellatrix  the female warrior – on his right.) The new moon this month, arriving at 3:49 PM on Wednesday, shows up after our shakey-wakey Santa Anas as the Mercury Retrograde ended,  so here’s that perfect fresh start. Falling in Aquarius, it’s a good time to plant – mental, spiritual, physical and material – things you want to start over, or maybe a new beginning on an old situation.  Shake off Mercury’s delays and dig in.

This new moon’s Tarot is the Wheel of Fortune. On our top left is an Aquarian angel, with eagle Scorpio on the right. Hello, Bellatrix! Down on the bottom we’ve got Leo the Lion and bull Taurus. They’re all fixed signs, which means steadfast but they’ve got wings – flexibility to rise out of that Mercury stagnation. Feeling like you need to change the cycle and get rid of that old pile of clothes? Now is the time. You may find something in one of the pockets.

Wheel of Fortune doesn’t only mean “luck.” Remember, this wheel turns –  life cycles all determined by that undefinable call-it-what-you-will: God (the IHVH), Fate (TAROT), Good Luck, plain old wishin’ and hopin.’ (That’s where the riddling Sphinx comes in.)  Everything changes, nothing stays the same, whether you want it to or not. And if you are hoping for change, here it comes: we’ve got the snake of transformation and Anubis circling around the alchemical symbols of Mercury, sulphur, water, and salt – the essential elements of life. Listen to your inner guide and transform with success. Ask for it!


Donna Lethal

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Donna Lethal is the author of "Milk of Amnesia" and writes for her own blog (Lethal Dose), Hair Hall of Fame, Dowager Quarterly, Find A Death, & the Valhalla Cemetery chapter in "Weird Hollywood." A native of Lowell, Mass., she's lived in Boston, NY and London before settling here. When not writing, she's hiking, soaking in a Korean salt room or in the high desert with her pit bull.
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