Sweet Talk—Last Minute Valentine’s Day Guide

Oh, no! Valentine’s Day evening is almost upon us. Statistics show that more candy and flowers are purchased on this day than any other day. People careen around town looking for “that thoughtful something.”

All out of ideas? Well, keep this basic rule in mind: most people like candy!

Everyone Loves Candy

Don’t beat yourself up if you almost forgot this romantic day of days. This fella managed to remember Elizabeth Taylor, but even she seems a bit relieved.

Liz Taylor Valentine

Remember: most people like candy. Of course, “most” implies there are exceptions to the rule, but why not play the odds? Be sure you’re giving a gift she wants. Have you seen that light in a woman’s eyes? There are two kinds: the light of love… and that evil glow sometimes seen in the darkest forest. Be sure you see the right kind today.

Love Light Valentine

Heavenly harmony, after all, is what we really want. Can’t we all get along?

Heavenly Harmony

Worried about making an impression on your chic uptown date? No matter where you find her, your sweetie still appreciates sweets.

Uptown Valentine

Love, of course, can get complicated. Stuck in a love triangle? Relax. As long as there is candy, we can all get along on this day of love.

Road Movie Valentine

There’s probably a hundred things you’d rather do on your Saturday than deliver a box of chocolates to your lady, but surely she will bestow you with the highest honors.

Prestige Valentine

Candy is always dandy, and it can be affordable. Skip the Godiva… if you buy a m-m-milky Way, your money can’t buy more “m-m-m-m”!

Winning Way Valentine

But if you end up breaking the bank today, remember… you can rebuild your empire in no time flat!

Make Extra Money

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