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SWEET TALK—2016 V-Day Report: The Bar is Low

Have you ever seen that light in a woman’s eyes? “Which light?” you may ask. “The look of love? Or the look of horror?” Results may vary depending on your Valentine’s Day gift, and there can be a fine line. … Continue reading

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Sweet Talk—Holy Trick-or-Treat, Batman!

It’s hard to believe it’s October already, and that we’re cruising into the holiday season. It seems like just yesterday when it was summer with clear blue skies and blistering temperatures around 100. Oh, wait—that would describe today. For those … Continue reading

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Sweet Talk—Last Minute Valentine’s Day Guide

Oh, no! Valentine’s Day evening is almost upon us. Statistics show that more candy and flowers are purchased on this day than any other day. People careen around town looking for “that thoughtful something.” All out of ideas? Well, keep … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday arrives this weekend, thus heralding the last chance to enjoy fresh holiday candy for the year until we manage to make it to October and the extended candy holiday season resumes. Like all holiday candy these days, Easter … Continue reading

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SWEET TALK – Camp Fire Girls Candy

Sing around the campfire! Join the Camp Fire Girls. Join the laughter, join the fun, It’s a wonderful time for everyone. It’s a busy day, and when… it’s… done…. What fun to sing around the campfire! ‘Neath the moon above, … Continue reading

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