“Hungry, Still” at the Pretend Gallery

Lisa Sitko's Apple Pipes

Lisa Sitko’s Apple Pipes

“Hungry, Still,” opening Monday, March 30th, from 7pm to 10pm at the Pretend Gallery, is the first in a series of events that will link the art gallery with restaurant and foodie culture. Food/Art collective Stiff Peaks promises that the centerpiece of the evening will be a sculptural buffet from which guests will be invited to eat and “discover the sensual and morbid intricacies of the table, including surprising and inedible components.” Meaning, try not to break a tooth on a fake suckling pig. $5 suggested donation. The exhibit includes Lisa Sitko’s ceramic “Apple Pipes” and works on paper by Jacob Tillman.

In an attempt to understand art, we spoke with Jonathon Hornedo about the event.

Who and what are Stiff Peaks?

Anna Barrie and Gary Campbell are the team behind Stiff Peaks. You can find them on Instagram @stiffpeaksla The gallery is also on Instagram @PretendGallery

What statement is the artist trying to make?

There is no single artist behind the buffet. Rather, it is a collaboration between the gallery and Stiff Peaks. Work by artists Lisa Sitko and Jacob Tillman will be absorbed into the buffet and on the gallery walls.

If we’re saying something, we mean to present ourselves as a dual platform for art to operate on. We hope that this first event in our series shows this clearly. (dual platform = gallery + food)

How do you keep the food fresh? Is it hot or cold? People eat with their hands? Would a Belushi-like food fight be appropriate in the gallery?

I can’t speak to the specifics of the food situation as it should be a surprise and/or determined by audience.

Will all of the art be edible?

Lisa and Jacob’s work isn’t edible.

I don’t know. I’ve eaten paper.

HaHa. These might be used. (He attaches a picture of pizza slices made out of felt).

Used pizza?

Used for the buffet table, maybe. We’re into balancing real with “pretend”.

There is a certain Play-doh aspect I’m sure

Play-doh, vanitas, Dutch still life, Mugaritz…

For more information check out Stiffpeaksla.tumblr.com

PretendGallery@gmail.com 1952 Clinton St, LA, 90026 (Echo Park)

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