Spring Ahead: The Big Combo

2010's Spring Equinox via NASA

2010’s Spring Equinox via NASA

Ushered in by a Solar Eclipse* happening off Scotland, Friday’s new moon (a Supermoon at that, arriving at 2:38 AM) also heralds the Vernal Equinox. A Solar Eclipse at an Equinox is quite rare – you’ll have to wait another twenty years – meaning we’ve got a whole lotta celestial change happening. “Equinox” – “equal night”  – is a colossal reminder of equality. Being new, this Supermoon isn’t visible, but its superpowers remain undiminished, with a marked effect on tides and all planetary creatures, especially those with heavy astro-moonstuff. (Just what makes a moon Super?  It’s perigee: the distance when the moon’s nearest to Earth, which varies monthly.) Not only full moons are Super – they’re just the picture/newsworthy ones.

Ok, so we’ve got a Solar Eclipse plus a New Supermoon happening at the Vernal Equinox – but wait! We’re not finished: April 4th’s full moon brings a total lunar eclipse (we West Coasters can view perfectly, light pollution aside).

If you’re feeling stuck in the spin cycle (my washer’s spin cycle broke last week), be grateful if that was all – lots of folks had it much, much worse. if you’re in the “Enough already!” category, this heavenly bowling tournament will shift it all.  So, what to do?  Times like this are when I call in an expert: namely, the incredibly gifted Marcella Kroll, who puts it best:

A true healer, Marcella’s the only one I’ll let read me: a psychic’s psychic indeed. I would know!

*Faroe Islands; not visible from North America but if you’re in Greenland, Iceland, Europe, North Africa, and northwestern Asia, it’s all yours.

New Moon: from Marcella Kroll's Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck.

New Moon: from Marcella Kroll’s Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck.

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