Tattoo You

Courtesy of Richmond Tattoo Shop

Courtesy of Richmond Tattoo Shop

Written by Joanne Laciste

You have less than a week to make a permanent decision. On Friday the 13th, it is a tradition for tattoo artists to offer a special deal. numerous tattoo shops everywhere will be inking up bodies with mini tattoos for a mere $13 (plus the suggested lucky $7 tip). Most shops will have ready made mini stencils available to pick from. Some shops will even do a custom mini tattoo for just a little over the price special. Patrons and regulars will have more luck in getting that custom tattoo, as many shops will be busy and crowded this Friday.

Below are links to a few shops that are currently advertising this special deal. Don’t see your local shop? The best way to find out if your shop is participating is to call them. You probably could even preview the stencil. If you are fretting over the commitment, not to is  an easy cover-up!!

And If you’re feeling the pressure and just don’t know what to get … Do not fear!! You will have yet another Friday the 13th in November to get in on this deal.

Third Street Tattoo

Evermore Tattoo Co.

Prix Body Piercing

Alchemy Tattoo (starts at $50)

Tinta Rebelde

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2 Responses to Tattoo You

  1. Blythe says:

    Which studios are doing this for 11/13?

  2. Dave Anderson says:

    That is really cool that some shops will do custom tattoos for a bit over the price. A custom tattoo is something that I would be willing to pay a little extra to say that it was my idea. This is my tattoo and is specific to me.

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