Whatever68 Radio 3 Year Celebration Fest

Flier by Michael Essington

Flier by Michael Essington

On April 4, 2015, from 2:30pm to 1:30am will be a festival to celebrate three years of operation at Whatever68 Radio at the Blacklight District Lounge (2500 E Anaheim St., Long Beach, CA) with live bands, special guest appearances, food (and cupcakes), prizes!

The $7.00 entry fee includes free raffle ticket! Additional raffle tickets $1.00 each, tickets are good until you win! This event will also be broadcasted live on air with Dirtbags Dirty Family & PunkrPrincess Whatever Show only on Whatever68radio.com

The anniversary show will feature the following bands: Inazuma, Agenda 21,  Punk, Patient Zero, BDSM, Dirt 13, Damaged, Inconsiderate Jerks, Sculpins
Locjaw, Sorry State, The Logs and Rodents of Unusual Size.

Special Guests Appearances by:
Bob Oedy (of The Grim) author of The Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide
Terry Quinn of Terry Quinn & the Weazels
Ginger Coyote (of White Trash Debutantes) founder of Punk Globe Magazine and Nikki Palomino of Whatever68 Radio and Punk Globe Magazine

[Editor’s Note: Our own Michael Essington, the “Southland Tales” columnist, as well as author of “Last One To Die,” “Life Won’t Wait” and the upcoming “Born Frustrated” will also be appearing.]

Michael Essington

About Michael Essington

Michael Essington is an American author and poet, most famous for his Mike Check column. Over the years Essington has done dozens of celebrity interviews, as well as hundreds of music reviews. The weekly Mike Check column, which appears on Strange Reaction, has also been printed in The Los Angeles Beat and the very popular Deep Red Magazine. Essington's column is read weekly by thousands of fans from Los Angeles to Denmark. Essington has been writing since his high school days. He is married to wife, Elizabeth, and has two children, daughter, Breana & son Lucas. And has a dog, Max, that Essington suspects may have a learning disability or a general lack of life goals.
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