Donny Most and New Partner in Crime Judy Norton Swing over to Rockwell Table & Stage for a Night of Musical Justice!

Photo Courtesy of BHBPR

Photo Courtesy of BHBPR

When one or two people you knew for one thing completely change artistic course and cater unto an alternate inner passion, it is nothing short of liberating and fascinating. Had you been at Rockwell Table & Stage on Thursday April 9th you would have witnessed just that as Donny Most, heretofore best known for his portrayal of Ralph Malph on the classic sitcom Happy Days, took the club by storm!  “Singing & Swinging” tunes 30 to 10 years more classic than his aforementioned TV show (respectively incumbent upon whether you count its chronological release or historical setting) audience response was nothing short of enthusiastic!  Also of note: Most’s recently awarded title of artist in residency at Rockwell Table & Stage commemorated by this most memorable performance.

Having just played to a standing room only crowd at the Catalina Jazz club back in March, Most reprised many of his old favorites the likes of which would include Frank Sinatra, Chairman of the Board Dean Martin, and primo idol Bobby Darin. Songs performed would consist of; Lady is a Tramp, It Had to be You, I’m Begging to See the Light, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Shake Rattle and Roll, Mack The Knife and a host of other standards and some lesser known pieces.  Something not so standard and new on the scene would include an additional partner in performance crime.  The Bonnie to his Clyde?  None other than similarly seasoned swinging singer and former fellow 70s/80s TV star Judy Norton; Mary Ellen of The Waltons!

Having been an avid fan of song and swing since elementary school, the coincidence is not lost on Most as he can’t help but call attention to the fact that both he and Norton were each singing long before either of them garnered both of their unforgettable Television roles.

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