The Power Women Behind Reality Television: An Evening of Enlightening Conversation and Q & A to Overtake Beverly Hills Civic Auditorium for One Night Only!

Sandra Lord, Photo Courtesy of Lord Entertainment Group

Sandra Lord, Photo Courtesy of Lord Entertainment Group

If you were to get a job behind the scenes on any given reality show, say…Big Brother:  If the stars were allowed to say anything they wanted, would all the lines of the behind-the-scenes crew then be scripted?—Y’know, just as a counter measure…  If a Bachelor, walking at 32 miles an hour leaves a rose ceremony at CERN laboratory—in decidedly glassy-eyed and empty-handed fashion—what is the half-life of his walk of shame and rate of rejection on this very special geeky/scientific Episode of The Bachelorette in a Parallel Paradise? Oh, and if a guy on The Greatest Race ate the groadiest bug in the land surrounding the Survivor jungle and suddenly got a raging case of Montezuma’s Revenge, would he keep going, going, going or stop to go in order to keep on going—or be gone off the show—That is…?

If questions such as these and others of much more important fancy, dance around your head, then perhaps The Power of Women Behind Reality Television: An Evening of Enlightening Conversation and Q & A is the thing for you!  On Thursday, July 30th from 7 pm to 9 pm, at the Beverly Hills Civic Auditorium, Sandra Lord, founder of Women Helping Women in Entertainment Network (WHW) teams up with the Los Angeles Film and Television Meetup (LAFTV) in a powwow to beat all drum circles (even in the reality ridden wilds of the likes of Survivor) encompassing some of the most influential women in reality television!  Herein, a lively panel of finessed specialists in the field will impart their wisdom, disclose any and all experiences—both real and surreal (most ostensibly), offer up tips, along with most sage counsel and ultimately engage in a most rousing Q & A!

The panel of most noted executives will include: Jen O’connell, Head of U.S. Television at Core Media Group, Lindsey Gordon, Senior Vice President at United Artists Media Group, a Mark Burnett/MGM Company, Christy Dees, Vice President of Development at OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, Laura McDonald, Agent at the Gersh Agency, and Stephanie Chambers, independent producer/showrunner.

All Photos Courtesy of Lord Entertainment Group:

To add to the excitement (and render the event a little more like a suspense-driven reality show in its own right) commensurate with Miss Lord’s aspiration to continue granting opportunities to participants with a professional interest in reality TV, some “Lucky Attendees” will also get the opportunity to be present at private or general lunch meetings, or be granted the prospect to shadow speakers at work.

With the increase in popularity of reality shows on network and cable channels alike, to speak nothing of said genre’s inclusion as an Emmy Category in its own right, this is an idea whose time has definitely come not a moment too soon!

The evening is open to anyone who desires to know anything about the reality show industry. Men are also welcome.

Women Helping Women is an enthusiastic group of professionals representing diverse levels of accomplishment in the entertainment industry. The network’s mission is to support women of varying backgrounds in hiring, empowering, mentoring, collaborating, inspiring and actively sharing their experiences but also welcomes men.

The Los Angeles Film & Television Meetup (LAFTV) is one of the most far reaching, lively and varied groups on

Ms. Lord is also the driving force behind many a dynamic Hollywood breakfast, namely the Hollywood Networking Breakfast. This lauded, award winning long time tradition caters to Academy, Golden Globe, Peabody and Emmy Award Winners and nominees along with chief Hollywood Studio Heads, and Production Company Presidents.  Ms. Lord’s events are incredibly worthwhile in their ability to convene leaders in production and entertainment along with the entire entertainment community for some notably rousing and astute dialogue the likes of which would not be half as rousing in your average college film and television class—perhaps just as stimulating as on any given reality show!

The Power of Women Behind Reality Television: An Evening of Enlightening Conversation and Q & A takes place Thursday July 30th from 7 pm to 9:30 pm.  Tickets are $59.95.

For reservations or more information, please call or visit: (323) 465-9800 or


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