Stonefire Grill Opens New Location in Lakewood: Delicious Food and a Charitable Attitude

Tri-tip platter at Stonefire Grill. Photo by Ed Simon for The Los Angeles Beat.

In preparation for their Grand Opening last weekend, the new Stonefire Grill in Lakewood held a media lunch to showcase some of their most popular dishes. Stonefire Grill, based in Southern California, has a wide variety of meals, both as indiviual plates for those who desire their own meal and as family style, with platters of food intended to be shared by all at the table. This concept is also perfect for Stonefire Grill’s booming takeout business which can be ordered and then picked up at a special takeout counter. The ordering is simple; Stonefire Grill uses the fast casual dining concept where the guests order at the counter and are served at their table. This makes for not only faster service, but helps keep the pricing down because of lower labor costs.

Justin, Mary, Kyle, Robert Li. Photo by Ed Simon for The Los angeles Beat.

Justin, Mary, Kyle, Robert Li. Photo by Ed Simon for The Los angeles Beat.

Mary Harrigan, and her sons, Justin and Kyle along with her sister Maureen are very much into fresh, house-made dishes and it shows. The BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad has that just-made freshness that makes every bite a pleasure. The Margherita Pizza was delicious, the crust thin but substantial and perfectly cooked, with the crust crispy and not chewy. The fresh mozzarella and fresh basil made for a simple yet flavorful topping. A nice side dish, the Garlic Mashed Potatoes we slightly chunky and full of nice flavor from the slow-roasted garlic.

Proteins are abundant on the menu and are a great choice to order by the platter. The sliced tri-tip was cooked to a perfect medium rare with medium ends, sliced thin and layered nicely on a large platter. This tri-tip was notably very tender, a testament to their slow, even cooking. The baby back ribs were notable too for their tenderness, cooked to a perfect chew that is the hallmark of a well-cooked rib. Stonefire Grill’s signature BBQ sauce had unexpected flavors—-the glaze had Asian spices and none of the smokiness usually associated with a BBQ sauce. It was a welcome change from the usual sauce.

Pizza Marghareta. Photo by Ed simon for The Los Angeles BeatOther items on the menu include several vegetarian dishes such as a Roasted Cauliflower Pita and a Caprese Sanwich, several pastas and lots of grilled chicken and grilled beef dishes. Most items are available as individual plates, family style platters or in large take-home quantities for parties or even just a big family meal.

“We’re delighted to launch our newest restaurant in Lakewood, which is known as a family-oriented community. Here, loyalty and a commitment to local concerns are a top priority and that sensibility suits our concept beautifully,” said Justin Lopez, Stonefire Grill spokesman. “Our goal is to provide guests with an affordable option to eating at home and the recipe for our success is due to the vast menu of items that are made right in our restaurants each day, pleasant environment in which to dine, great service by a friendly staff and the tremendous value we offer. We hope that locals welcome us as warmly as they have in the other communities we serve”.

Mary Harrigan feels strongly about philanthropy and helping the less-fortunate. So much, in fact, that the first opening day was devoted towards serving a mixture of homeless, poor and the nuns who devote their lives towards helping them. It is always nice to see a restaurant who believes in helping local charities. You could also see on the faces of the guests how much they enjoyed their meal courtesy of the Stonefire Grill.

Stonefire Grill is located at 4325 Del Amo Blvd. in Lakewood, adjacent to the Lakewood Mall. Their phone is (562) 232-2000. Their website is

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