July’s Jose Iturbi Foundation’s Salute to Frank Sinatra at the Hollywood Bowl!

Donelle Dadigan welcomes Guests, Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

Donelle Dadigan Welcomes Guests, Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

On the night of July 22nd, a most amazing thing was in the process of celebratory acknowledgement at the Hollywood Bowl.  The concert in Question:  Sinatra’s 100th Birthday Celebration, featuring many-a-qualified artist re-enacting some of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ greatest hits, along with music historically recorded with The Count Basie Orchestra, Antonio Carlos Jobim and many others…

While you were all nestled snug in your boxes waiting listlessly for your Caesar Salad (or blind date; anticipating which you might “send back” first), “swearing” you saw someone who looked just like the “spittin’ image” of Donald Trump aggressively wolfing down an all-beef wiener in front of the popcorn stand (disheveled “hair” bobbing to and fro with every assertive chew), or perusing the gift shop, incredulous as to why they did not carry any E.T.-Themed trivets, a fete to beat all festivities was transpiring up in the enchanted grotto, otherwise known as The Rooftop Grill, then progressing on down to the amphitheatre itself, for a night of musicality, nostalgia, and extreme song and circumstance!

All Photos Courtesy of Bill Dow:

Hosted by Donelle Dadigan: president and founder of both the Hollywood Museum and the Jose Iturbi Foundation, the event was, in part, in honor of Mister Sinatra himself, but was also a most heartwarming tribute to her godfather: Noted classical concert pianist and conductor Jose Iturbi. Iturbi was a dedicated musician devoted to spreading the magic and allure of classical music “one note at a time.” This type of commitment was not lost on Sinatra as he and Iturbi initially crossed paths during their filming of the MGM classic Anchors Aweigh in 1945.  Their friendship would continue for years to come and would blossom into some very singular musical collaborations and performances until Iturbi’s passing in 1980.

Sponsored by the Jose Iturbi foundation, in one of its most immense outreaches to date, performers on this magical night included Kurt Elling, Jose James, Seu Jorge, Seth MacFarlane, John Pizzarelli, Luciana Souza, Carmen Bradford, Christian McBride, and The Count Basie Orchestra.

Donelle Dadigan and Councilman Mitch O'Farrell, Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

Donelle Dadigan and Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, Photo Courtesy of Bill Dow

Noted guests on this fine evening encompassed: Doris Roberts, Loni Anderson, Jack Betts, Cassandra Peterson, George Chakiris, Patricia Ward Kelly, Connie Stevens, Tricia Leigh Fisher, Joely Fisher, Councilman Tom LaBonge, George Bronstein, Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, and Baydfar Thomasian who spoke on behalf of Senator Kevin DeLeon.

“What a lovely way for the Jose Iturbi Foundation to remember Sinatra. I thought the voices were spectacular,” quoth Doris Roberts!

“I am a huge fan of both Sinatra and Iturbi,” declared Connie Stevens. “It was the perfect family outing to share with my daughters!”

“I had to come,” Loni Anderson enthusiastically echoed! “I mean, the musical genius of Sinatra and Iturbi…at the Hollywood Bowl? You simply don’t want to miss opportunities like this!”

“It was a magical evening of Frank Sinatra’s hits performed by some amazing singers and musicians. A fitting tribute to ‘Old Blue Eyes’,” exclaimed Cassandra Peterson. “One of my favorite moments of the evening was seeing a film clip of Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Joseph Iturbi at the Hollywood Bowl back when ‘Old Blue Eyes’ was probably in his twenties.  A great bit of Hollywood history!  It was hard to believe that there were so many classic songs made popular by Frank Sinatra – And the musicians and singers doing their rendition of them made for one of the best nights at the Bowl ever!”

“This evening is the very definition of entertainment and Donelle Dadigan does it right!” asserted Academy Award winner George Chakiris.

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