Amber Rose Brought “SlutWalk LA” to Pershing Square in DTLA

Slut Walk 23

All Photos by Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

On Saturday, there was a large mixed gathering supporting Amber Rose‘s SlutWalk LA at Pershing Square supporting LGBT civil rights and women’s empowerment. Two blocks of South Olive were closed for the kick-off so all could gather at the intersection of South Olive and 7th where the rally took place. Lots of scantily clad women were in attendance, and the crowd thickened as the marching time approached. This time was used by people at the rally to grab or make a customized poster. Of course, more and more signs keep popping up as the speeches and rally grew.

There were  a lot of topless and lingerie looks from the women there, expressing their liberty to dress up for fun and enjoy being themselves without the criticism, pejorative language or glares of unwanted and insensitive prying eyes. Amber mentioned the false perception of women in an interview when she said, “The authorities and men will label women basically, insinuating that they were wanting to get touched, because they were wearing a short skirt or they had a bra top on, they were asking for it! I know, from personally having male friends that they would see a girl in a club, that would be dancing very sexy and she’d have a short skirt on and they would be, she’s ready to go, she’s good to go. Maybe she’s just having fun and she’s with her friends and she’s doesn’t like you and she doesn’t want to have sex with you!” It’s all pretty simple; you shouldn’t judge people by their appearance!

On my fan page there was an assertion from a woman that the women at SlutWalk were making fun of women who have been victims of verbal abuse and worse. That is an assumption on that person’s part. There was never a feeling among those supporting SlutWalk that the protesters were making light of such things.

There was another assumption by the commenter I hadn’t considered. That was the possibility that some of these women, attending Amber Rose’s SlutWalk, may have been victims or victimized themselves. There is a good chance the women attending SlutWalk have been victimized and they have decided express themselves in support of this because such things should stop happening and women should be respected! In a way, comments like these play into the notion that gives men permission to harass and bully women because they are dressing in a “slutty” or “provocative” way and they deserve it. On the contrary, a woman’s dress shouldn’t dictate men’s behavior any differently in any other social situation in an enlightened society. SlutWalk’s drive is to empower women to take a stand to stop shaming women for making their own choices about their lives.

Soon the march proceeded at a pretty fast clip towards Pershing Square, where the stage was set for entertainment with DJ Duffey. There was a special appearance by former American Idol singer Frenchie Davis. Amber offered to twerk because she was in a good mood. There was a fashion show and a pink carpet to keep the entertainment coming as the day moved forward. There was a lot of fun to be had, and women were respected and were allowed to be themselves and dress as they liked in a joyful celebration. There is a photo gallery provided here for you all to look at and feel you are a part of the festivities.

Billy Bennight

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